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Parents with special needs children often feel overwhelmed with few places to turn. We understand and are ready to help. Below are just some of the assistance programs that are only a phone call away.

Parenting Support Group - Education A Must Parenting Support is a support group for parents with children in need of special services.

We've all seen our children struggle with something in school, but some students have to work harder than others. Parents of special needs children have more demands put on them, and can always use more support. This group is here to lend you that support.

As parents, guardians and care givers our job is to protect and provide for our children. Sometimes we need help accomplishing that. When you need help Education-A-Must, an educational advocacy nonprofit organization, is here for you. Help is just a phone call away.

Parent Workshop - Presentations by several special education attorneys, educational evaluations. Open to parents and caregivers of special needs children. A small fee covers a portion of the costs for these workshops.

Special Education Advocate - Is your child in need of special services in school? Is he/she struggling? Has he/she dropped in grades? Is she/he withdrawing from others? Are they just not going to school due to not getting up? Has your child been suspended from school for over 10 days during a school year? Has your child been expelled from a school?

Seek out help for your child. Ask for help, hire an Advocate! There are laws protecting your child. They need support from the schools, and by law the schools must provide this. Years of budget constraints in the schools have often left them slow to respond but a strong advocate can lubricate the mechanisms. Call today.

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