Is Your Aircon Ready For Summer?

Summer is almost here, and you are probably already planning for a break, but your aircon system at home will likely be hard at work. To ensure that your AC works efficiently instead of working hard, here are some things you can do now to make sure that your air conditioning unit is at its best condition, especially during the warmer days of the summertime.

1. Clean or change your filter every month

Change the filters regularly. It is the easiest aircon maintenance step one can do. Unfortunately, many are not doing it as often as they are supposed to. Aircon filters must be replaced once a month to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently. For those units with reusable filter, clean them with water at least twice a month.

For central air conditioning systems, the filter is often found behind the panel near the blower. Unscrew the panel, remove the filter and replace it with a new one.

For window type AC units, the filter is often located on the face of the aircon unit behind the panel. Many of this type of AC units come with a reusable filter. As what your air conditioning repair man from Singapore have probably recommended, clean the reusable filter by taking it out and gently cleaning it with a mixture of water and vinegar. Then, let it air dry before putting it back into the unit.

2. Clean the condensation pipes

Besides the filter, the pipe that keeps the condensation away from the AC unit can also be clogged with dirt. If this becomes congested, the condensation may leak somewhere else in the unit or in your house, resulting to messier problem and costlier aircon repair.

To avoid this problem, always check the pipe and the drain to make sure that the water from your AC unit is disposed properly. You can also use algaecide to remove formation of algae when cleaning the pipe.

3. Keep the outdoor unit clean

The condenser, which is the AC system’s outdoor extension, should always be clear of any blockages, whether it is dust, debris or plants. These things can easily block and damage the system, causing your AC to work less efficiently. Remember to turn off the thermostat when cleaning your aircon’s outdoor unit.

4. Check the concrete slab

After ensuring that the condenser is free from blockages, the next thing to do is to check whether the concrete slab that supports the outdoor unit of your AC is equally levelled. If it is not, your air conditioning system will tend to work harder to keep your home cool. To level the slab, simply add more gravel to the base of the slab until you get an equal height.

5. Use a programmable thermostat

If you do not have one yet, you can save significant energy with a programmable thermostat. This device lets you set it to automatically reduce the use of your aircon at times when you do not need it, like when no one is at home. Fortunately, this accessory is pretty easy to install and require only a few tools.

6. Clean the fins

Keeping the fin of your outdoor AC unit clean helps your air conditioning system run economically. To clean the fins, use a toothbrush or any soft cleaning brush. Gently rub the brush across the fins, being extra careful not to bend the metals. If you find any bent or damage on the metal fins, we suggest calling an aircon servicing expert in Singapore to have your aircon unit professionally cleaned.

7. Check the ducts for leakages

According to aircon servicing experts, sealing leakages can save you significant amount on your power bill, since leaky ducts can cause your AC unit to work harder. Look for disconnected lines and joints, small holes and separated parts in your aircon’s ductwork. If you happen to find any leakage, call an aircon servicing company here in Singapore like to help you fix and seal the leakage for good.

8. Clean the coils on the outdoor unit

During the cooler months, the aircon’s outdoor unit tend to collect mud, dust and other debris, especially if you do not cover them. The build-up of dust, dirt and all those gunk can clog up the unit, causing your AC to run sluggishly. To clean the coils, make sure first to disconnect the power source before spraying the outdoor unit with water using a garden hose. For heavily soiled ACs, use an aircon cleaner (available in most hardware stores) to clean the unit.

9. Inspect the fan belts

Like cars, outdoor aircon units have fan belts. Check them regularly to know if they already need replacement. Just be sure to get one that matches your home’s air conditioning system. Again, getting the right parts means that your AC will work efficiently, resulting to more savings on your electric bill.

10. Keep your aircon regularly maintained by professionals

Once to twice a year, call a professional aircon servicing or aircon maintenance here in Singapore to inspect your AC system. These experts have enough experience and skills to anticipate potential problems and the right tools to fix any problem with your air conditioning system.

If you think your aircon is already in need of a tune-up before it goes to work this summer, contact a reliable aircon servicing in Singapore. Treat these professional inspections and aircon maintenance works as an investment instead of an expense. You are spending money to prolong the life of your AC system to keep your home cool and comfortable for you and your family during the summertime.