7 Crucial Questions to Ask a Band Before They Perform at Your Wedding

In any occasion, it’s always the music that can either get the guests pumped or turn them off for the rest of the said event – which makes it important that you choose the wedding live music carefully.

While you can always simply curate your wedding playlist or hire a DJ to do the curating for you, there’s still a certain charm about hearing your favorite songs being performed by a wedding live band.

If you’ve always wanted a band to perform live at your wedding, keep these seven questions as you search for the right band to play at your wedding

1. Can the band play the songs that are important to you, like _______?

First and foremost, the reason why couples hire a wedding live band is because of the live rendition of the songs that they both like and want for the wedding. However, the band may have certain policies on this.

For instance, they may charge extra fees depending on the song and whether you want them to arrange their own rendition. They may also charge depending on the number of songs that you want them to perform during your wedding, and there is a good chance they will charge for a minimum number of songs.

2. How does the band describe their style?

Knowing what their style is will give you an idea of whether their performance will match the vibe or theme that you’re going for in your wedding reception.

When looking for a wedding live band in Singapore, it’s important that you do your research before approaching any prospect band. These days it can be as quick as checking out their social media pages like those by white ribbon live band for weddings in SIngapore and listening to samples of their covers or renditions as well as their original songs.

Doing this will make it easier for you to narrow your options, giving you more time to contact the wedding live band and asking them whether they are available to perform at your desired date and location in Singapore.

3. Does the band need to rent any equipment or instruments?

You better know whether your wedding live band will be bringing their own instruments or renting them from other businesses or individuals who do have the needed instruments or equipment.

This will give you an idea as to the added costs that may be charged by the wedding live band as well as if certain pieces of equipment may look ungainly on the venue and may need to be concealed or hidden behind something like a curtain.

Bands will also need to prepare for any unexpected equipment failures, and anything that could result in dead air in the middle of the wedding live music (i.e. a blown-out amp) needs to be double-checked to make sure it doesn’t happen.

4. What are the band’s policies on sick days and cancellations (i.e. general policies)?

Policies on sick days and cancellations will also help you make sure that the band you’re looking for is available on the day that you want them to perform.

For instance, band members that fall sick need reliable replacements that you should also meet in advance before proceeding to hire said band. The band should also have a positive history of being able to actually show up for the gig on time and ready.

When it comes to scheduling, it’s also important to ask the wedding live band in Singapore you want if they have another gig before or after yours. If they don’t – and you’re looking into having them perform overtime – you should ask about their overtime fees beforehand.

5. Does the band have liability insurance?

In case of emergency, everyone needs to have an insurance at hand – and that includes wedding live bands. As the person planning the whole event, you need to make sure that everybody is protected just in case something happens.

The good news is that many venues in Singapore now require bands and vendors to have an insurance certificate before being allowed to play or do business, and most bands that you can hire these days are likely to have it.

6. How long will it take for the band to set up?

Knowing this is half the battle as it will let you know at exactly what time the band should arrive to the venue. Once there, you also need to coordinate the band with the venue regarding the needed assistance the band needs in order to set up their instruments and equipment.
As much as possible, have some free hands on standby to help the band set up their equipment, even if the band says they will set the equipment up themselves. This is the best way for them to speed things up provided that nothing gets broken during the process.

Once the equipment has been set up, the band will still test or tune their instruments to make sure that everything is working properly. Give them the time and space needed in order to make their preparations before letting them start with their sets.

7. Can the band also act as master of ceremonies?

While it’s usually not guaranteed (or included in the contract) that the band leader will be giving any speeches, announce the first dance, or inform the guests that dinner is served, it’s important to tell them beforehand if you want them to, or if it’s not necessary for them to do so as you would already have a planner/best man/maid of honor do that.