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Please be advised that at this time, Education-A-Must is no longer accepting new clients. If you feel advocacy services are needed, please feel free to call someone listed on our Advocate Resource Page or through Wrightslaw or COPAA.

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Spend the Summer getting your child’s file in order

It is summer and it is so tempting to sit back and relax.  But it is very important that you use this time to make sure you child’s special education file is in order.  Take this time to file all of the meeting minutes, progress reports, evaluations, and any other important documents into the three […]


Beat the IEP Uptights by Being Prepared

You’re probably saying to yourself that you have prepared for the IEP meeting. You have done your three-ring binder with all of the education records carefully placed into the right category.




7 Tips to Eliminate Internal Theft With CCTV

CCTV technology is widely used by businesses and establishments—big or small—to minimize theft, keep an eye on the premises after hours and monitor activities inside the office.

With employee theft being one of the major causes of business bankruptcy in Singapore, business owners find the need to install secure office entry systems to protect their companies. Aside from security cameras, another common security system is a biometric door access system which prevents unauthorized entry and secures your office’s door access.

By keeping these tips in mind, you are guaranteed to have the highest level of protection against internal theft through your CCTV system.

1. Go for high-quality cameras
When deciding which CCTV system to get for your office, choose one with high-quality cameras and functions. Preferably, go for ones with customizable motion detectors. This feature will automatically alert you if someone is in the office after work hours or if someone is in off-limits area during work hours.

2. Place cameras strategically
Install your IP camera where it can capture every corner of the room. This is especially important in rooms where less frequented by employees and holds big amount of money and/or confidential files. Seasoned thieves will figure out if there are any blind spots and will take advantage of them to pursue their illegal intentions.

3. Make sure your CCTV records and saves everything
Ensure that the footages captured by the CCTV camera are recorded and stored in cloud storage. This will serve as evidence in case of theft or any incident. You will be able to show a proof to the police to support your claims, and if it is an employee you have enough proof to kick them out of your company.

4. Look for wireless remote monitoring feature
Wireless remote monitoring is great prevention for internal theft. This is one of the IP CCTV features that more and more security camera systems are starting to incorporate into their offered services. With remote monitoring, you can monitor and view your office wherever you are, as long as you have internet connection. This lets you to be at your office and see everything happening real time, even when you are halfway across the world.

5. Decide whether to have your cameras hidden or not
Many business owners question the need to install hidden security camera. While it is not entirely a bad idea, it creates greater impact to have your analog camera exposed instead of having it hidden. On the other hand, if you are thinking of installing one or two hidden cameras at the office, one of the best places is a blind spot. Savvy thieves will likely take advantage of these spots, thinking they will not be caught on camera as they are doing their act of stealing (money, supplies, time, etc.).

6. Get appropriate camera and camera lens
You always need clear video resolution in case of theft. Always remember that the police cannot go after the perpetrators if you cannot provide enough evidence. And what could be clearer and more solid proof than an HD-quality footage from your IP CCTV camera?

7. Pair your IP camera with access control system
Business establishments always have ‘high-value item’ storage areas, where valuable things like gadgets, jewelleries and expensive liquor are stored. When there so many items stored and no CCTV camera in the room, anyone can easily get away with stealing items. Go a step further and pair your IP camera with access control system, so you will not only have a video footage of whoever entered the restricted area but also an electronic record of who went in the space throughout the day.

Additional tips to prevent internal theft:
• Manage Inventory
Make sure to separate receiving and shipping functions in your office. As the business owner, do physical inventories periodically and ask those employees who are not assigned in the inventory to do the job. This way, you will be able to see if the records sync with the records submitted by your official inventory personnel.

• Control Cash Receipts
Use the serial numbered slips for your sales, and then conduct weekly auditing. Additionally, balance the slips and register every receipt with the help of an independent person or any of your employees who is not in the sales department.

• Supervise Your Employees
One of the reasons why theft and fraud is rampant inside many establishments in Singapore is the lack of supervision. You do not have to be always over their shoulders, but see to it to check on them from time to time. Also, you can take advantage of your office camera in supervising your employees. You can monitor them from your office through the CCTV monitor.

Internal theft, or also known as employee theft, is a serious offense and is a major crime. As a business owner, you have to be alert to avoid unnecessary expenses and theft, which can lead to the dreadful business bankruptcy. Installing an intercom system can help you ensure your business’ safety and security. This can enable you to communicate with the person at the door, verify who they are and what they want before allowing them entry into the office. Having a door intercom solution can guarantee a better and improved gate security system for your Singapore office.

Entrusting your company’s safety to a professional security company in Singapore is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner. Yes, you can purchase an analog camera yourself, but security experts will likely advice against that. Why? Because when it comes to something as serious as protecting your business, it would be smart to leave it to the pros. Take enough precautions by getting your business a reliable IP CCTV system. You will realize, as your business grows, it is one of the security essentials totally worth investing on.

Pest Management Explained

Tne effective way to for pest removal is through the integration of different techniques and equipment, collectively called pest control management. It involves not just the use of chemical pesticides but other mechanical, biological, and chemical methods. Pest control services in Singapore uses only the approved methods and equipment to control infestation, although depending on the assessment, it is no different from using commercial-grade chemicals you can usually find in stores.

But professional pest control solutions follow strict regulations and processes. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Hygiene and Prevention

The best way to get rid of cockroaches and eradicate irritating bugs is to maintain a clean home or office in Singapore. Without easy access to sources of food, pests cannot thrive in such an environment. In fact, even if the household regularly sprays organic pesticides to prevent bug infestation, the method will not work if the pests keep coming back and breeding in large numbers. A pest problem is first tackled on by pointing out the probable sources of the issue. These could be improper waste disposal, leftover food, poor hygiene, poorly-maintained facilities such as water pipe leaks, and dirty kitchens and bathrooms. The goal of maintaining proper hygiene are the following: eliminate food sources, eliminate water sources, and eliminate pest shelter.

Common Pests

Some of the most common pests you will find in areas where humans thrive in Singapore are the following: cockroaches, rats and mice, ants, bugs, clothes moth, dust mite, flies, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, stink bugs, termites, gnats, and silverfish. Not all of these can cause significant property damage and post health risks is the numbers are very low, but they carry parasites and diseases which might harm family members if they come into contact with the droppings or are bitten. After all, mosquitoes pose the biggest threats to most humans as they carry a number of life-threating diseases.

Pesticide Use

Once the pest exterminator has been able to identify the possible causes of infestation, the first method usually recommended is to apply professional-grade chemical treatment. Unlike the insecticides you will find in shops, pest experts are licensed to use various types of pesticides for specific targets. Why not use just one type of chemical? Although the goal is to terminate pest, the pest control worker also has to prevent elimination of non-target species. These are animals that are not considered pests and are beneficial for the environment. Examples of these are butterflies, bees, ornamental plants, herbs, etc. which might be found near or around your area. Commonly, pest control chemicals are classified into the following categories: insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, bactericides, fungicides, and larvicides.

Pesticide Issues

A thorough evaluation must first be done before pesticide treatment can begin. For example, to remove termites, the experts must first identify the species and where to apply the chemical. The extent of the damage is also estimated to determine if a renovation might be needed. Another destructive pest, the bed bug can also be tricky to control because they breed fast. The owner of the house might be advised to dispose of furniture and clothing if the infestation is great. The owner can also opt for organic chemical treatment if they are concerned about the safety of the family and their pets. The exterminators will then determine how best to apply the chemicals. These can be surface-spraying, pressurized sprays, motorized sprays, power spraying, and application by painting. Finally, they will have to calculate the correct amount of chemical to be used as most pesticides are in concentrated form.

Termite Treatment

On the subject of termite control, most professionals use three guaranteed methods to control the numbers. First is soil treatment which targets termites that live in the surrounding soil. The soil around the house is treated to act as a sort of barrier against the insects. Second is wood treatment which is the application of sprays or foams on wood to prevent infestation. Now this only works if there is no infestation yet, so if your apartment already has termites, you will want to schedule a renovation and replace destroyed walls with treated materials. The last method, bait system, aims to destroy colonies. This means placing baits in the perimeter of the home.

Organic Method

The most commonly used organic chemical for pests is sodium fluoroacetate, which is biodegradable and can be mixed with baits. It works on a lot of pests and can be applied through spays, oils, soaps, and others. Because of its versatility, it is also cheaper than other chemicals.

Rodent Control

Besides cockroaches, one of the most common pests are rats and mice. There are several mechanical methods that might help to exterminate rodents. But if there is a large infestation, it will take more than traps to kill rats. A guaranteed pest control method for a large population of rodents is to use rodenticides places in areas where they get their food. These can be used along with mechanical traps if the owner wants a 24 hours pest removal.

Mechanical Methods

Pest control services also make use of sophisticated mechanical methods to remove pests. They don’t just use traps and baits these days, but also insect netting, temperature treatments (through hot water, hot air, solarization, and steaming), flooding, and removal of plants that may be attracting pests. Electromagnetic and ultrasonic insect repellents are also safe methods. The former uses the wiring in your home to transmit electromagnetic frequencies that will disturb pests, while the latter uses high-frequency sound waves to repel rodents and insects.

Biological Control

This method is only recommended for greenhouses and farms. The idea of the pest control management to introduce the pest’s natural predators, parasites, and pathogens to control their numbers. Sounds a bit dangerous, right? But it has worked well with proper application and monitoring.

An Overview of Real Estate Opportunities in Saigon

Ever since the macroeconomic environment of Vietnam has stabilized in the recent years, it opened doors for business and real estate investment, especially for a lot of foreign investors who are scrambling to get the best deals for property in Ho Chi Minh City.

Additionally, the growth of telecommunications, manufacturing, and clothing export has helped in the growth of the economic environment that was previously reliant on agriculture alone. Competitive costs in foreign investment has also attracted a lot of people looking for a new place to call home or to invest in real estate and business.

Forms of Investment

There are several forms of investment in Vietnam that you might want to consider such as the following: investment through contractual arrangement, new legal entity, business cooperation contracts, public private partnership, share or capital acquisition of any existing entity, investing through intermediary financial parties, securities investment funds, and the acquisition of shares/bonds/share certificates and others in stock exchange.

A foreign investor might also want to consider other forms of commercial presence in Saigon such as foreign business entity branch, limited-liability company, partnership, joint-stock company, and a representative office. What facilitates a competitive foreign investment environment in Ho Chi Minh City is the investment incentives in Vietnam that are based on the location of existing or new project launches, type of business industry, qualified investment projects, and engaging in businesses that support industries.

Real Estate Investment

One of the most lucrative investments in Vietnam today are the new property launches in Saigon. The latest estate projects can be owned by any foreign investor who has a three-month residence or tourist visa and can purchase a land through a renewable 50-year lease. It is also less strict for foreign groups or companies to own land or a house. However, there is a limit to how many residential units you can own, say, in district 1 or any other district in Ho Chi Minh City. Freehold ownership is also not permitted, and land can only be leased because it is collectively owned by the state, hence the 50-year lease with an option for an extension. However, you can technically own the property on that land, but not the land itself.

It is also not possible to own more than 30% of the residential units within a building or more than 250 houses, say, in district 4 of Ho Chi Minh City. This means that you can own more than a hundred apartments and houses, but not within the same ward or district. The same rules apply not just for Saigon, but also in other big cities in Vietnam such as Hanoi.

Property Taxes

Land tax between .03% to .15% is paid depending on the land size and value. If there are any profits made in the property, the owner has a capital gains tax of .15%.

Most investors in Ho Chi Minh City buy property for sale such as houses or apartment units to have them rented. Remember that rental income tax is at 20%, but if you wish to transfer a real estate property, there is a 5% value added tax on top of a registration fee of .05% based on the value of the property.

Most foreign investors have encountered no problems when it comes to owning and leasing land and other properties in Vietnam, especially in major cities like Ho Chi Minh City where several new project launches are common. However, it is advisable that you take your time to research about the real estate resellers and check out sites like http://www.propertylaunch.vn/ before buying any property for sale. To minimize risks, whether from working with the wrong reseller or from purchasing a new housing and/or apartment, do the proper amount of due diligence and make sure it’s a good value before signing any contract.

Ho Chi Minh City

So, why is Ho Chi Minh City so popular to foreign investors? That is because most businesses and opportunities are found here. Real estate investment in particular is a booming industry, especially in popular districts such as district 2 and district 4 where expats and investors are commonly residing or managing a business. District 1 in particular is called the center of commercial and corporate development in the country.

The competitive rates, the fast expansion of industrial and commercial development, and the overall improvement of the infrastructure make Ho Chi Minh attractive to foreign investors. With its total of 19 urban districts and 5 suburban districts, it is no wonder the city is continuously expanding and improving.

How Does Company Incorporation Work?

Businesses often start out through sole proprietorship or partnerships, with the latter leaning more towards an open company or an open business model in recent years. As time progresses and the company grows, business owners looking for a more stable holding as well as a way to expand their business ventures might see company incorporation as a solution.

When a business goes through company incorporation, the company owners register company and in effect create a separate legal entity called an incorporated business or a corporation. This new entity transforms how business is perceived in terms of legal status.

There are at least three types of corporate structures in Singapore: the C corporation, a separate legal entity controlled only by the company’s shareholders; the S corporation, where shareholders enjoy liability protection and certain tax breaks; and limited liability corporation (LLC), where shareholders and company owners are able to bypass double taxation on corporate profits.

Why Incorporation is Important for Small Businesses

Operating as a corporation does have its share of drawbacks, such as having the need for extensive record keeping and administrative detail, or even creating an additional tax burden. However, this shouldn’t stop small business owners from incorporating through company registration.

While many starting business owners and entrepreneurs launch their companies as sole proprietorships, when they opt to register company in Singapore through SGBusiness or any other business registration firms, changing the structure of that small business can offer far greater advantages. For those businesses that will undergo company registration they will enjoy the following benefits:

• It secures protection for personal assets. Applying for company registration for your incorporated company grants you recognition that your corporate assets are separate from your private assets, though more formalities may need to be observed to obtain this.

• It adds credibility to the business. This added credibility comes from the perception of incorporated businesses in legal terms or otherwise as a more stable business entity than the individual businesses that make it.

• Increased ability to raise capital from and for investments. Investors are more attracted to corporate entities because of limited liability, as shares are easily transferable under that type of company structure.
Additionally, share transferring to new investors is more direct and brokerage firms can easily be tapped for larger public offerings.

• A corporation can last indefinitely. Even if ownership or management changes, corporations and LLCs can continue to exist, while sole proprietorships and partnerships can easily end with the death or leaving of an owner or partner.

• Incorporation grants tax flexibility as well as deductible expenses. A limited liability company has the same tax rate as a sole proprietorship while at the same time limiting the extension of liability to one’s personal assets.

While an entrepreneur setting up a corporation is taxed on both the individual and corporate levels, a corporation can avoid double taxation through electing a Subchapter S tax status.

Steps to Company Incorporation

Before undergoing company incorporation, you must first apply for company registration in Singapore. Because an incorporated business, or corporation, is defined as the merging of two or more businesses, there must be businesses entities to merge in the first place.

However, the requirements for incorporating a company can be different from simple company registration, and need to be prepared before the process:

• Choosing the company name – A clever and unique name is important when registering your Singapore company in http://www.sgbusiness.sg/ to ensure easier brand recognition and add value to your assets. Furthermore, if you register company name that’s unique, it is far less complicated to protect compared to more common names and terms.

• Description of principal business activities – Business owners can select up to two principal business activities at most, though you might also need to register company assets for this.

• Appointment of directors and shareholders – Appointing a board of directors is crucial for a business entity made up of two or more entities. For those looking to register company in Singapore for foreigner businesses, at least one director should be present in Singapore.

• Listing a registered office – A registered physical office must be open for at least five hours on any ordinary business day, and also cannot simply be the address of a P.O. Box. Fortunately, there are many available options when it comes to office spaces, including virtual offices. Business owners can even opt for having a license to operate at home, which can be the case with many an open company.

• Constitution Documents – The principles and policies that define how a company is run are referred to and discussed at length in the company’s memorandum and articles of association (M&AA).

To avoid later complications, the best way to go about any decisions on signing legal documents is to seek a second opinion through legal counsel or by an unconnected professional. If there are multiple owners looking to merge their businesses, a meeting should be called for in order to discuss and finalize this agenda.

• Singpass – For locals and residents of Singapore, Singpass works as a national ID that allows you to lodge the application to register company to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority online via their electronic portal.


Setting up the type of company structure for your business allows you to maximize its output, as well as chances of success in terms of both financial and operational perspectives. The best way to get started is by consulting with an accountant or a company registration specialist.

Having a company registration specialist or an unaffiliated, third-party consultant to help you figure out the best direction for your business will help you and your future co-owners and business partners to continue and expand your ventures.

10 Essential Services to Look For In a Professional Laundry Shop

If you need more than just washing of clothes, working with commercial laundry services that offer more than just the traditional wash and fold of clothes provides less hassle for you. Especially if you are someone who runs a hospitality business, such as a hotel, an inn, a restaurant or a cafe, you want your 24 hour laundry partner to provide services like laundry delivery, laundry pick up, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and more.

1. Dry Cleaning Services – Dry cleaning is an alternative to using the washing machine and water-based detergents to remove stains. This is considered safer to use on delicate fabrics that are prone to shrinking or expanding when exposed to water, because it uses a dry-cleaning solvent to attract the dirt. This is recommended only for clothes labeled dry clean and dry clean only, although most clothes that are washable can be dry cleaned, too. However, avoid frequently dry cleaning your uniform laundry and other clothes that are used often because the fabrics will eventually wear out in time.

2. Uniform Laundry – Although most uniforms can be washed safely in a regular washing machine, they are prone to damage and stains because they are used often. Look for laundry shops that include pressing or ironing and mending of uniform laundry to keep them looking new for years.

3. Steam and Spot-Cleaning – Some fabrics cannot be cleaned using both water-based detergent and dry-cleaning solvent. Most upholstery have this problem but look for a laundry service shop that offers Singapore shirts washing assistance, steam-cleaning, and spot-cleaning on items that are not washable.

4. Laundry Pickup and Delivery – If you’re too busy to get to the laundry shop, look for a laundry service that offers both laundry pick up and laundry delivery.

5. Wash and Fold Services – This is a basic service that any commercial laundry shop in Singapore should have.

6. Pressing and Ironing Services – Some laundry shops such as laundryfirst.sg in Singapore also include pressing or ironing in their services. This can be useful for uniform laundry, suits, and formal wear.

7. Linen and Towel Washing – If you own a restaurant or hotel business, look for a laundry service shop in Singapore that can handle demands for linen and towel washing. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions should also look for commercial laundry services that include disinfection of laundry and delivery of items.

8. Upholstery and Curtain Washing – If your upholstery, linens, curtains, and other washable items at home need cleaning, look for a commercial laundry services shop that has the right equipment for the job. Fabrics used for furniture are more delicate than those used for clothing and will need special cleaning techniques such as vacuuming, spot-treatment, and steaming.

9. Laundry for Spa – Spas and similar shops use up a lot of washable items such as towels. Laundry services can make the task easier with a laundry for spa or towel washing package that will ensure you will always get your clean items back.

10. 24-Hour Laundry Services – This is common in most self-service laundry shops, but there are commercial laundry services that are open 24 hours to cater to the needs of customers any time of the day.

Finding the Right Property for You in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City, once called Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam. If you choose to stay here, whether in the long-term or the short-term, you will not have any shortages of properties to choose from. However, it’s very easy for you to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices right at your fingertips. There are so many places that you could choose from when moving to Vietnam; you could find an apartment rental in D2, or you could choose to stay at D7. You could either choose to rent a house, opt for a villa rental, or go to the much cheaper route and choose a single bedroom. However, no matter which way you want to find a place in Saigon, it’s always helpful to understand the type of properties that are available to you.

Before anything else, however, you will need to consider what you are looking for in an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City. Putting this first before everything else can make sure that you are making the best of your time, effort, and money. There are many ways for you to understand what you need in an apartment, and this may include thinking about all the possible things that come with renting or owning property. These things can include both the interior of the house and its surroundings as well.

In thinking about what you’re looking for in a property, it’s important to factor in how you function in day-to-day life as well. Do you work from home, and if so will you need a dedicated office space? Do you do most of your thinking in a bathtub, and will you be able to live without one? These little details can make it easier for you to narrow down your choices for your Vietnam condo for lease at HCMC and ensure that your new place will make you feel at home.

A great way to go about this is to gather all the people that you are going to be moving in with. Especially if they are also going to pay a share of the rent or mortgage, you’re going to want to make sure that there is an agreement between all parties. If you’re the only one paying or looking for a property, then this will be a much easier process. Think about your day-to-day activities, from the time you go to sleep or how you spend your weekends. These little habits will dictate what you’ll need in your new property. Chances are, however, that you’ll could find a place that’s perfect for you in one of Ho Chi Minh’s many properties.

Apartments and Condos

There are many listings of apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City, no matter which district you’re eyeing. If it’s apartments you’re looking for, you wouldn’t have much trouble when you rent apartment in Saigon. Among these listings, you will find many options for vacation rentals, which are a great substitute for more expensive hotel rooms. With this option, you can stay in a place that is almost like a hotel, but without the exorbitant fees.

There are many benefits to a Saigon apartment rental over other properties. Apartments are usually fully furnished, which means that you won’t have to rent or buy appliances. This can save you a lot of stress, and of course, money. Apartments also tend to be situated closer to the city center, which means that you can have easier access to important shops and businesses. Another benefit is the security that comes along with apartments. There are often CCTV cameras that are installed in apartments, as well security guards guarding entrances and car parks.

If it can fit your budget, you can even opt to rent a flat at vinhomes central park from Saigon that offers hotel-like services. These services can include laundry, concierge, restaurant and room services. This is a perfect arrangement for busy-bodies who are looking to rent apartment at HCMC. Without having to pay the price of hotels, you could get hotel-quality services, and leave the maintenance of your home to capable individuals. If you’re keen and diligent, you will also find a lot of good prices to rent apartment in Saigon, often priced by a daily fee.


If an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City is not for you, villas can be a good choice. If you have the budget for it, opting for a villa rental can give you a more pleasurable and comfortable time in Saigon. For those who would like to opt for a villa rental, there are a lot of listings you could choose from in Saigon. Most of them are even inexpensive, considering the type of property that you are renting.

If you want a more comfortable residence, a villa rental is the right way to go. There are many benefits to renting a villa, including a large garden space, access to a swimming pool and of course, security.


For those who aren’t too keen on their property, or for those who don’t want a villa or a Saigon apartment rental, houses can be the perfect solution. There are many ways for you to rent a house in Saigon, most of which can be found by walking around your chosen neighborhood and looking at for rent signs posted on walls. If a rent apartment at HCMC is not for you, there are many places that are offered cheaply by trusted home-owner, like a place in D3 for example, that can be your next home in Vietnam.

Is Your Aircon Ready For Summer?

Summer is almost here, and you are probably already planning for a break, but your aircon system at home will likely be hard at work. To ensure that your AC works efficiently instead of working hard, here are some things you can do now to make sure that your air conditioning unit is at its best condition, especially during the warmer days of the summertime.

1. Clean or change your filter every month

Change the filters regularly. It is the easiest aircon maintenance step one can do. Unfortunately, many are not doing it as often as they are supposed to. Aircon filters must be replaced once a month to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently. For those units with reusable filter, clean them with water at least twice a month.

For central air conditioning systems, the filter is often found behind the panel near the blower. Unscrew the panel, remove the filter and replace it with a new one.

For window type AC units, the filter is often located on the face of the aircon unit behind the panel. Many of this type of AC units come with a reusable filter. As what your air conditioning repair man from Singapore have probably recommended, clean the reusable filter by taking it out and gently cleaning it with a mixture of water and vinegar. Then, let it air dry before putting it back into the unit.

2. Clean the condensation pipes

Besides the filter, the pipe that keeps the condensation away from the AC unit can also be clogged with dirt. If this becomes congested, the condensation may leak somewhere else in the unit or in your house, resulting to messier problem and costlier aircon repair.

To avoid this problem, always check the pipe and the drain to make sure that the water from your AC unit is disposed properly. You can also use algaecide to remove formation of algae when cleaning the pipe.

3. Keep the outdoor unit clean

The condenser, which is the AC system’s outdoor extension, should always be clear of any blockages, whether it is dust, debris or plants. These things can easily block and damage the system, causing your AC to work less efficiently. Remember to turn off the thermostat when cleaning your aircon’s outdoor unit.

4. Check the concrete slab

After ensuring that the condenser is free from blockages, the next thing to do is to check whether the concrete slab that supports the outdoor unit of your AC is equally levelled. If it is not, your air conditioning system will tend to work harder to keep your home cool. To level the slab, simply add more gravel to the base of the slab until you get an equal height.

5. Use a programmable thermostat

If you do not have one yet, you can save significant energy with a programmable thermostat. This device lets you set it to automatically reduce the use of your aircon at times when you do not need it, like when no one is at home. Fortunately, this accessory is pretty easy to install and require only a few tools.

6. Clean the fins

Keeping the fin of your outdoor AC unit clean helps your air conditioning system run economically. To clean the fins, use a toothbrush or any soft cleaning brush. Gently rub the brush across the fins, being extra careful not to bend the metals. If you find any bent or damage on the metal fins, we suggest calling an aircon servicing expert in Singapore to have your aircon unit professionally cleaned.

7. Check the ducts for leakages

According to aircon servicing experts, sealing leakages can save you significant amount on your power bill, since leaky ducts can cause your AC unit to work harder. Look for disconnected lines and joints, small holes and separated parts in your aircon’s ductwork. If you happen to find any leakage, call an aircon servicing company here in Singapore like www.airconmaster.sg to help you fix and seal the leakage for good.

8. Clean the coils on the outdoor unit

During the cooler months, the aircon’s outdoor unit tend to collect mud, dust and other debris, especially if you do not cover them. The build-up of dust, dirt and all those gunk can clog up the unit, causing your AC to run sluggishly. To clean the coils, make sure first to disconnect the power source before spraying the outdoor unit with water using a garden hose. For heavily soiled ACs, use an aircon cleaner (available in most hardware stores) to clean the unit.

9. Inspect the fan belts

Like cars, outdoor aircon units have fan belts. Check them regularly to know if they already need replacement. Just be sure to get one that matches your home’s air conditioning system. Again, getting the right parts means that your AC will work efficiently, resulting to more savings on your electric bill.

10. Keep your aircon regularly maintained by professionals

Once to twice a year, call a professional aircon servicing or aircon maintenance here in Singapore to inspect your AC system. These experts have enough experience and skills to anticipate potential problems and the right tools to fix any problem with your air conditioning system.

If you think your aircon is already in need of a tune-up before it goes to work this summer, contact a reliable aircon servicing in Singapore. Treat these professional inspections and aircon maintenance works as an investment instead of an expense. You are spending money to prolong the life of your AC system to keep your home cool and comfortable for you and your family during the summertime.

The Importance of CRM in Your Business

The system of customer relationship management is not solely about having an organized approach to your business needs, but it is also one way to maintain and create relationships with your customers. Implementing the CRM system in your business spans beyond pure business goals since it also allows you to hone personal bonding with other people.

Developing this kind of bonding leads your business to achieve new levels of success. For one, having both a personal and emotional link makes it easier for an organization to point out the actual needs of customers, thus allowing them to improve their ways to serve them better. It is believed that the stronger the strategies involved in a business’ customer relationship management are, the more successful the business will be in the long run.

CRM systems
Major businesses have long dedicated their resources and efforts in securing the best CRM system for their business needs. One famous example is the use of CRM software, which makes the system a lot easier to manage in the workplace. Automating the company’s sales reports and sales management is one way to ease the workload of employees. Doing so also makes the cloud CRM data secure and accessible anytime, anywhere.

The competition between businesses in Singapore remains fierce as ever. Majority of them implement the most sophisticated and updated CRM strategies such as the Crystal Dash customer relationship management in Singapore to stay ahead of their rivals. It can be considered an investment for the organization, considering how the business reaps off its benefits in the long run.

How Important is it?
Implementing a cloud CRM software helps you understand both your current and potential customers. It delves into the behavior and needs of these people, allowing your business to adapt accordingly as they change. CRM strategies help your business in a number of compelling ways and here are some of them:

1. Cut customer recruiting costs
Cutting back on operating costs is definitely a helpful move for most businesses. Implementing a CRM software system happens to help companies cut back on customer recruiting costs, especially when it comes to marketing, mailings, customer follow-ups, and order fulfillment.

These expenses might not seem that much when viewed individually, but collectively speaking, it generates a large amount of sum from the company’s budget.

2. Targeted customer relationship management
Aside from helping the company with sales management and sales reports, the CRM system is also focused towards truly understanding your customers and their needs. Knowing what they like and what they don’t like is an advantage, since you can now improve your sales and digital marketing ads from this knowledge alone.

You can better target the products and strategies you sell to match their needs as well. Having a targeted approach wastes no time in meeting the needs of your customers. If anything, it makes your approach as direct as it can get. Successful businesses in Singapore develop a personalized approach to their marketing services and focus on those which are most effective and gives them the best return.

3. Improved communication channels
With a lot of advanced communication channels adapted in various businesses, organizations now have different ways to get in touch with their customers. This includes both offline and online methods since technology has since then evolved. Implementing a CRM system such as https://www.crystaldash.com/ from Singapore into your business allows you to have better communication channels, helping you interact better with customers and serve their needs.

Having improved communication channels is important most especially to large-scale businesses who serve hundreds to thousands of customers.

4. Centralized system
Having easy access to the CRM system data can be very helpful in businesses which are linked from one country to another. Thanks to its centralized system, data can be made available anytime provided they are granted appropriate access to it. This approach greatly reduces an employee’s process time and also increases work productivity as a whole.

Compared to doing the traditional way of business, this centralized system also helps in cutting back the company’s operational costs. For one, there is a less need of files printed on paper and manual labor by staff. This then requires lesser resources to manage. Undoubtedly, having a CRM system in your company keeps things smooth.

5. Gaining new customers
While your company relies heavily on old and returning customers, it is also important for your business to gain new customers in the long run. Nurturing the existing relationship you have with the people who have already purchased from your brand is just as important as gaining new customers who are willing to patronize the products and services you are offering.

Relying solely on your existing and current customer base is no path to success for your business endeavors. You have to find a way to convert those potential customers into returning customers, something a CRM system can help you with. Updated strategies can help you win new customers’ favor over, especially if you operate in such a highly competitive market.

Various CRM tools allow your business to identify potential customers which may be interested in your brand or the product/services you are offering, and with this knowledge, you can focus your marketing efforts on these prospects. People who may become your new customers can be those who have made an inquiry in the past, or those who fit the demographic profile of your targeted consumers.

Overall, adapting a CRM system to address your business needs enhances your reputation as a brand. By constantly providing what your customers need, addressing their concerns, and working on giving them an over-all great customer experience, you are surely to win new and loyal customers in the long run. This is crucial if you want to direct your business into the path of success.

Useful Terms to Use When Talking to a Freight Broker

Is it your first time to seek professional logistics services help from a freight forwarding company in Singapore? Don’t worry about not being able to understand most of the terms in your quotation, because this list will help you understand the most commonly used terms in freight forwarding business:

• Air Freight – In simplest terms, air freight is the transportation of goods through a commercial or charter air carrier. It is the task of the freight forwarder to arrange and negotiate with a shipping company that’s connected to an air carrier service.

• Air Waybill – This contract shows the agreement between the shipping company and the air carrier. It also confirms the receipt of good by the carrier.

• Bill of Lading – This is the document that shows the contract between the shipping company and the charter. Customs will need to see this document for clearance and it is also designated as the title of the cargo for sea freight.

• Bonded Goods – These are the goods that are kept in the warehouse because the customs have not yet been paid for the clearance or inspection.

• Carnet – Used for international freight, this document serves as a passport for goods that are eligible for tax-free entry or temporary duty entry.

• Carrier – This is the term used for the party responsible for the physical transportation of the goods. Regardless of whether Singapore freight master has a contract for sea freight, air freight, and land freight, the trucks, cargo liners, and airliners are all called carriers.

• Certificate of Origin – This document will indicate the country of origin or the place where the goods have been produced or manufactured. The freight forwarding services broker can help you arrange this to include the tax information of the exporter, consignee, number and type of package, description of the items, and a unique number.

• Consignee – This is the term used to describe the receiver or buyer of the goods being transported. The consignee can also assist the shipper or sender in arranging for the logistics services of the goods.

• Customs – The department or office that is responsible for the collection of taxes and duties on imported and exported goods. The representative that acts as the intermediary during the customs clearance for the shipper is called the customs broker, while the person that performs the clearance for the consignee or receiver is the customs clearance agent.

• Demurrage or Detention – The shipper or the consignee will be asked to pay extra charges for keeping a shipment in the port or warehouse longer than the allotted time. It is the responsibility of the freight forwarder in Singapore to remind the shipper or consignee of this.

• Door to Door – This is the term used to describe the services that deliver the goods from the origin to the destination. Either the shipper or the consignee is responsible for all the charges of the logistics services and for the arrangement of a contract with a freight forwarder.

• Freight Forwarder – A freight forwarding company will act as your representative to the shipping company and the logistics company. They are responsible for arranging the contracts and making sure that all the parties involved in the transportation of goods will fulfill their roles.

• Freight Broker – The freight broker is the individual sent by the freight forwarder to assist you personally with the documents and fees. The freight broker is licensed and experienced in logistics services and the trade laws.

• Full Container Load – FCL is the term used to describe the full use of ocean containers usually with dimensions of 1 x 20 feet or 1 x 40 feet.

• Full Truck Load – The average size of a truck trailer used by a logistics company is about 53 feet.

• Groupage – If a shipper cannot fill a container, the goods will have to be placed in a groupage or a collection of small consignments that will make up a full load.

• Incoterms – These are international rules that guide the interpretation of foreign trade documents and activities.

• Land Freight – The transport of goods through trucks or rail.

• Less than a Truck Load – This is the term used when other shipments from other shippers are consolidated into one container truck. The term less than a container load (LCL) on the other hand is used for consolidated shipments for ocean container that are later transferred to trucks or rail.

• Modes – This refers to the type of transportation used for the movement of goods. The most common modes of transportation in export and import are trucks, rail, ocean liners, and airplanes.

• Ocean or Sea Freight – The transport of goods via ocean liners.

• Pallet or Skid – This is the name for the wooden 48 x 42-inch platforms used to hold cargo. The shipping company or the shipper can pay for the pallet or skid.

• Security Surcharge – An extra fee charged by the air carrier or the sea carrier. Air freight is based on the weight of the cargo in kilos, while the ocean or sea freight is based on the container, bill of lading, or the revenue ton.

• Shipping or Shipper – This is the term used to describe the person who wants to send the goods or the freight. The shipper will have to talk to a freight forwarder to arrange the transport of goods to the consignee or buyer.

• Through Bill of Lading – This is the document issued by the carrier or the shipping company responsible for the transportation of goods. The specific bill of lading is used for multiples modes, and not just for sea freight.

• Warehouse – The building where the goods can be stored temporarily until all the duties are paid.

• Value Added Tax – The tax imposed based on the value of the goods, which can vary based on the type of items.

If there are other terms not listed here, you should not hesitate to ask you freight forwarder to explain them to you. After all, the freight forwarding services company is supposed to be your partner and representative when it comes to negotiations for local freight and international freight.

Property Management: Things You Need To Know

If you are interested about property management in Singapore, you should learn about how the industry of real estate operates. This is the best and the only way you will be able to understand the concept of property management Singapore. After that, you will know the ways of how to handle your rental properties.

However, if you’re a busy individual with no enough time to manage property rentals, you can make use of a property manager’s services. The property manager is the link between the renter and the owner, and the person accountable for monitoring the properties owned by individuals. A property owner that can’t afford to spend extra time to look for renters, listen to renter complaints, and collect rents, can hire the services of property manager to get all those tasks done.


The property manager is the person who manages commercial or residential rental property. He is employed to do all the works that the owner is supposed to do. Some of his duties may include searching for and screening of renters, arranging repairs of the property, collecting rents, addressing renter’s complaints, and doing evictions. Also, the property manager to hire should be legitimate and are certified real estate professionals determined by the law, like those property managers in estate info from Singapore.


A property manager, who is a certified estate agent, has to be a broker or needs to be under a broker. For collected rents that are not given straight to the owner, they all go into a trust account. This type of account is especially made by brokers for this type of businesses, and is where all collected payments should be deposited. From the trust account, the property manager can make payments for property repairs and renovations in case the need arises.


When hiring a manager, the owner agrees to the terms and conditions of property management, including the amount paid to the manager, the procedure to be done, and the consequences if terms are not followed. The payment given to the manager is based on the agreed percentage of total monthly earning of the owner’s properties. Cleaning and security deposits are usually handed to the manager and are deposited to the trust account, instead of given straight to the owner. For late payments, they are either given to the manager or the property owner, depending on what’s stated in the contract. Some contracts may also include that the property owner will be accountable for estate fees if the property is sold in the duration of the contract. To make sure, consult a property manager from estateinfo.sg in Singapore to know your rights as a property owner and your responsibility to your tenants.


A property manager must responsibly follow the rules and regulations and the standard rental practices. Housing laws condemn the discrimination of clients based on race, sex, color, religion, or national origin. Every country also has specific set of rules that controls the allowable amount of security bond and eviction measures.


Property managers often specialize in residential and commercial properties. In those types, additional specialties are added. Managers that specialize in commercial property may focus in a single commercial property type, such as retail space or warehouses. For residential, property managers may specialize in vacation rentals, seasonal rentals, or full-time rentals.

Locksmith Services for Car Lock Systems

Regardless of how updated and high-tech and sophisticated central locking systems in cars are, they can still be compromised or become faulty at a certain point.

Car lock cylinders are a good example of this for some models. This is because they essentially work the same as with a door lock, with a metal tube containing pin stacks that need the right amount of pressure so that the plug can be turned.

Older car models without central locking rely on this lock installed to unlock door for the driver’s side and the trunk. They can be easily compromised and broken in, which makes hiring a locksmith to repair lock cylinders in these older cars crucial. The good news is that these models are phased out in Singapore, in favor of ones that have built-in central locking systems.

With that in mind, here are some signs that you need to hire a lock master in Singapore to replace or repair lock cylinder:

1. The key won’t turn in the car door – This can happen for many reasons. For instance, if the car is brand new, something may have been jammed in the car lock cylinder, or that you have the wrong key. If you’ve previously picked your car door, you might also have to hire a locksmith services to unpick lock cylinder.

2. Replacing the ignition cylinder – After lock installation, some locksmith services may miss out on re-keying the new ignition cylinder, which can leave car owners with several keys. This can be confusing especially when car owners take of the key for the car’s lock instead of the ignition, and could end up taking more time.

3. Lock functionality has decreased – Even the best locks and cylinders can deteriorate over time with constant use, and need to be replaced. Regular lock installation for either the car door lock cylinder or the ignition cylinder should be done every few years to keep the car working properly.
Keep in mind that the car lock cylinder should not be confused with the car’s ignition cylinder, as the latter is what turns the engine on and is activated only after the car door has been opened and the car key has been inserted and rotated to start the ignition.

How Locksmiths Can Help You

Locksmith services can help you with all these things, however, there’s always more that they can do for you. A few more ways that a reliable 24 hour locksmith service in Singapore can help you with installing locks in your car include services such as the following:

• Providing a replacement car lock
• Installing or repairing a central locking system
• Unpick lock cylinders that have been picked/damaged
• Adjusting vehicle door locks

Even if you think you can do it yourself, chances are that it will reduce the overall quality and security of the car’s locking system. Your safest option is to contact a 24 hour locksmith service in Singapore like www.lockmaster.sg to handle the problem for you and help you avoid encountering these problems again in the future.

Redesigning an Heirloom Ring

Do you have an heirloom ring you want to redesign or a family diamond you want to use in your engagement ring? If so, know that there are a few things you have to consider. Other than searching for a design, you have to look for a trusted jeweller, get your family’s approval, and keep in mind a few etiquettes when resetting a significant piece of jewellery that’s been around for generations. Make sure to pick up these points so you won’t offend yourself, the family, and especially grandma.

Variety of Heirloom Rings

Heirloom rings can come from different people in the family, not necessarily from the immediate family. They could be from an aunt, someone from the step family, or even from a cousin.

Some heirloom rings don’t even have to be engagement rings as well. They can simply be sentimental rings given to celebrate other occasions, such as anniversaries and birthdays. Also, some heirloom pieces such as those from ling jewellery in Singapore are made out of on-traditional items, like a gemstone or a brooch.

While heirloom pieces follow no age limit, there’s certainly a great amount of sentimental value in any wedding ring passed down through generations, so it’s important to preserve it and be careful with any changes you’re making with it.

Asking the Family to Use the Ring

Asking your—or your partner’s—family to use the vintage jewellery to be your proposal ring can be as nerve-wracking as asking your girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

Remember that it’s best not to assume you’ll be granted with the request. But before doing so, it’s a good idea to get to know the person more who has the ring. If you are not already close with the person, take the extra time and effort to get to know them prior to making the request.

When you have already expressed your request, give the person some time to think. It helps a lot to say something about how you value your girlfriend and that it would be an honour to propose to her with the Singapore made www.lingjewellery.com.sg ring.

If the family member passes over the ring, never forget to thank them for their consideration and thoughtfulness. Heirloom engagement rings don’t grow on trees. The person just made your proposal extra special.

Before Making Any Changes

First and foremost, make sure it’s okay for the giver of the ring to do some changes. Grandma wouldn’t like to be surprised seeing her wedding ring for the first time after it was altered. Be specific with the changes you want and make sure to inform them before doing anything. Here are some tips to start the discussion.

• If the ring’s current setting seems unpractical for your girlfriend’s lifestyle, mention how easier it would be for her to wear and take care of the ring when it is set in a more convenient setting. Redesigning the antique ring into a safer setting seems like a valid reason for an alteration.
• If the ring is too big or too small for your girlfriend’s hand, try bringing that up. Rings don’t look the same on everyone, and that could be a helpful way to convince them that changes may be necessary.
• If you think the ring’s design is too unique, suggest that an alteration may be necessary to make the antique piece work with your chosen wedding bands.
• If you wish to add some personal touches to the proposal ring, don’t hesitate to mention. You might want to add other gemstones from another family member or a style that reflects your fiancé’s personality.

If after all the persuasion the giver of the heirloom piece still won’t budge, it is best not to push the idea of alteration and settle for it—or save the antique ring and get a brand new one instead. The best you can do is to express your thoughts politely and honestly, and accept whatever the result of the discussion is.

Finding a Jeweller

After you have convinced the giver of the ring to make the necessary changes, the next step is to find a reputable jeweller to work with.

Now, this part can be tricky as not all jewellers in Singapore accept the job. The reason being is that ring resetting is a risky job. Unless you are hand delivering the stone to your jeweller, you are going to be shipping the valuable item to and fro. This isn’t just scary for the jeweller, but for you as well.

Another delicate part of the process is the un-setting of the diamond from an existing piece of jewellery. This is always challenging for jewellers since it is almost impossible to unset a stone without injuring it. Furthermore, the value depreciates not only because of the damaged stone, but also due to the loss of the most parts of the antique ring.

However, although it’s not an ideal situation for these professionals, there are still some jewellers in Singapore who accepts this kind of job. Do not hesitate to ask, but be sure to ask nicely. This is a huge favour, and being extra nice could be your key.

An engagement ring is one of the major aspects of a proposal, but it certainly is not the most important. If having an heirloom piece just seems out of the picture, give other options a chance and consider a sea of stunning choices you have with brand new ones.

5 Types of Brand Names in Trademarking: A Brief Guide

Protecting your intellectual property through trademarks prompts a cautious assessment of what trademarking entails. Simply put, a trademark is essentially a registered mark which is composed of a unique name, set of words, symbol, device, or a combination of these factors. These marks are primarily used to identify and distinguish a company from the rest – of which includes the specific products and services they offer.

Trademark registration also allows commercial companies to protect their products and stop competitors from using and/or misusing the same products and services. More than just the need to protect your brand, registered trademarks help in instilling brand loyalty among avid customers and in shaping their perceptions regarding the services you offer.

What makes a good trademark?

If you ask this to any trademark attorney in Singapore, they are likely to urge you to come up with a distinct and unique name. It seems like the more exclusive your trademark sounds or appears like, the better it is at protecting your company – but that belief is entirely all up for debate, though.

Business owners often go with generic names initially, only to set their name into something more unique before they officially register trademark. Doing so makes them stand out from the rest of their competitors across the city-state. Hence, coming up with an effective trademark is crucial for any business endeavor.

In general, there are 5 types of brand names when it comes to trademarking:

1. Generic

Generic brand names encompass an entire group/class of products. This category is considerably the weakest; therefore, they cannot be legally trademarked in Singapore. Examples of this type with Singapore trademark registration would be words like: ‘Cold Beer’, ‘Smartphone’, or ‘Bread’. Even though they can’t be trademarked, you may still see these brand names on some commercial products.

These names are still effective, though. People tend to quickly associate them with the products and other commodities they need because they are simple and easy to remember. But because they are far too generic, these brand names cannot be used to register TM nor used exclusively by a single company.

2. Descriptive

A little step above the generic category is the descriptive brand names, which are still notably difficult to protect. They’re called descriptive because of the adjective/descriptor present before a generic word. You won’t have a hard time distinguishing generic names from descriptive ones. The presence of any descriptive word effectively kicks them up a notch than mere generic brand names.

Examples of descriptive trademarks include Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Holiday Inn – all of which has earned legal trademark protection. That means, corporate owners of these companies possess the right to prevent other establishments from copying their name or coming up with a brand name which is closely like theirs.

3. Suggestive

Suggestive brand names have greater chances of acquiring legal protection. Names such as Greyhound and Amazon are highly correlated with something else – thus they invoke the power of analogy. The word ‘greyhound’ generally refers to a certain dog breed, but in this case, it is a registered trademark for an intercity bus common carrier (Greyhound Lines, Inc.). Meanwhile, ‘Amazon’ is the name of a race of Greek female warriors, but the word is now trademarked for one of the biggest online shopping sites internationally.

Although they’re notably harder to market compared to other types of brand names, having suggestive marks make it easier to register trademark.

4. Fanciful

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts in trademark registration, the use of fanciful and unique names is also considered the easiest to protect. Using this category of brand names requires creativity and wittiness. Since they’re distinct, fun, and easily protected by the law – a lot of business start-ups opt to create or coin fanciful trademarks themselves.

This trend can be observed in the tech world, notably in brands such as Xerox (a global corporation which sells document solutions), Twitter (an online news and social networking service), and Google (a sought-after company specializing in Internet-related services and products).

5. Arbitrary

The last category belongs to arbitrary brand names. These are names which appear to be generic, but they possess certain trademarkable traits because of the obvious way they’re used out of context. For instance, the global oil company Shell was able to trademark the name because the product and services they offer to the public are unrelated to ‘seashells’.

Another example would be “Apple” computers and smartphones. The tech giant gained trademark rights over the name because their business endeavor was not in line with selling produce. Obviously enough, not even a bit.

The process of trademark registration doesn’t just happen overnight. After you sign the documents, you need to give it time before the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore or other related government institutions review your application. Some cases take about 3-6 months of processing time, others even take up to years.

Companies who applied for generic and descriptive brand names were notably the ones who took time in waiting for their trademarks to be legally registered. The board must first ensure there’s no opposition from third parties and there’s no existing business which already uses the same name before they can bestow you the legal rights to protect your brand name.

To protect your brand efficiently, allot generous amount of time in brainstorming about potential trademark names. It is also encouraged to seek the assistance of trademark attorneys before you proceed on applying for your trademark to reduce any chances of errors and fines.

VoIP in Singapore: What You Need to Know About the Latest VoIP Solutions

Thanks to the many great technological advancements in the digital age, a lot of companies all over the world are now shifting from their traditional phone outlines and moving over to tap the help of the internet to sustain their telephone needs. From their old telephone service, they are now relying on cloud VoIP instead, which stands for Voice over IP.

In order to keep up with other businesses in the field, upgrading to VoIP has been actually proven an advantageous move by a lot of organizations. For one, the monthly bill from using a traditional telephone service costs much more than using the internet, which is practically all a hosted VoIP system needs. This can be a burden to companies in Singapore who have outsourced personnel from outside the country. Low calling rates may seem trivial but a much lower accumulated expense of it over time actually saves the company lots of money.

The advantages of VoIP Singapore doesn’t stop there. It also features an excellent voice quality, saving you from dealing with muffled squawks and weird noises of a traditional phone. Since VoIP keeps pace with the internet, this kind of system also provides extra features that a regular phone doesn’t have along with an even easier access to standard phone features which used to be difficult to figure out.

Local vs. cloud?

Regular phones are typically connected to an analog phone line or a company’s chosen service provider, but a phone which uses cloud VoIP is instead connected to a computer. It can be set on-site, which is stored and ran through a computer inside your company’s premise, or it could also be a hosted service that can connect to through the internet. The latter is branded as storage “in the cloud”, hence the name.

The computer can be viewed as the gateway as it bridges between handsets, which are often used by businesses such as the customer service sector, and other telephone users, like customers who might want to issue their concerns to the company. The gateway allows connection to the regular telephone network and other VoIP users. This kind of telephone network adapted by call centers and other organizations is commonly referred to as the pbx phone system, or the private branch exchange phone system, which is known to allow a single access number to cater multiple lines of outside callers.

If you have tech experts in your team, it might be a good option to consider running the system in-house. That way, you may be able to keep a close eye on what’s happening with the Singapore voip IP pbx system and be hands-on with regards to its management. However, most businesses in Singapore opt to have a cloud VoIP service since it is simpler and a much more cost-effective option.


Having a hosted pabx system means that you are tapping a third-party or outside help to manage your telephone system needs. An advantage of this in comparison to your regular phone service is the extra security it provides. It follows tight security measures and regulations to provide protection to the company.

Another notable factor is that in VoIP Singapore, voice scramblers aren’t merely under the military’s domain. Thanks to the encryption function in VoIP, companies can get privacy for their business communication matters as well as authentication in an event of call rerouting spams. It can then be likened to working with secure websites such as those of banks.

The security that a Voice over IP PBX telephone system offers is truly commendable, especially now that we live in a time that a lot of companies and businesses are prone to hacks and other forms of attack. Offering a business-class security to your company is now made possible through VoIP. This will ensure protection should any company personnel connect to the internet.

Other aspects

Your company’s power supply is important to be taken into account in dealing with various phone systems. Relying on cloud VoIP or adapting a pbx phone system will likely result to losing service in the event that you lose your building’s power, in comparison to using a traditional phone because it is typically powered by a Singapore phone company. In order to address cases like such, having a back-up phone at the ready is highly encouraged.

An IP PBX telephone system works best in handling voice calls. However, there were instances where the system faced issues with other uses outside of calls such as in fax machines, satellite TV receivers, among the few. It is then important to consult your VoIP provider first about any possible issues and concerns that may arise in adapting the system in order for you to be prepared and fully informed.

There is a chance you may or may not be able to keep your company’s current phone number if you commit to a hosted pabx as well, hence asking your intended provider beforehand to brief you about everything you need to know is urged. If you deem changing the company’s phone numbers as a disadvantageous move, ask if the situation can be compromised in one way or another.

VoIP Singapore can be a great move for your company since it can provide lesser operating costs, great security, high quality calls, and user-friendly features — but there are times a hosted VoIP system in Singapore may get a little too overwhelming because of the many tech and telephone jargons you need to be familiar of. In order to determine if switching to a VoIP system is a right move for your business, take into account your company’s needs as well as your own competence in keeping up with a lot of acronyms and devices first.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Investing in the Biggest Entertainment Wave in Vung Tau

New laws have recently opened up property in Vietnam to expats, and it’s no surprise that foreigners with either resident or tourist visas can now dabble in property investment with a fifty-year lease hold, and can even extend that hold.
This makes opportunities for a prime piece of real estate, such as a Vung Tau condo in Kahuna Ho Tram, up for grabs, and prices are ever changing at auctions. So how do you start investing? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started on its ins and outs.

1. Check your finances.

List your assets and liabilities mean taking into account all your incomes as well as working out your expenses.
Once you know this, you will have a much clearer picture in how much you’re capable and/or willing to put in holiday resort investment.
When considering how much you can invest, you don’t have to worry too much as long as your income is stable and your employment history is solid.

Aside from checking, it’s important that you stay up-to-date, especially now that you can invest in condo units in Kahuna Ho Tram Strip and Kahuna Ho Tram Resort. Read business news and stay on the loop of the latest updates in the world of property investment and finance.

2. Get pre-approval.

Applying for a loan is usually how most purchases for real estate usually go through, as many upstart investors usually don’t have too much cash on hand to win the Kahuna Ho Tram auction.

Getting a pre-approval through your lender or your trusted mortgage broker can benefit you greatly if you’re not sure of your readiness to invest. One is enough – multiple pre-approvals will mean red flags to lenders who might refuse your application.

3. Set a goal.

What do you want to achieve? In order for you to achieve your goals, you must first know what they are as well as set a deadline for when you want to achieve these.

Preferably, you want to aim for an investment that will give you a good return in ten years or less. A Vung Tau condo, a beach villa for sale, or a villa beside golf course – these are all good investment choices in Vietnam, and these choices are all yours for the picking with Kahuna Ho Tram. For more info about property investment at Kahuna Ho Tram, visit http://www.kahunahotramresort.com/ to find out more.

4. Start budgeting for your goal.

It’s the only way to balance your income and expenses. Even though it doesn’t look fun or interesting, it allows you to see how much you can invest.

There are many ways as well as software to help you do this, and you should set this up beforehand when accomplishing step 1.

5. Establish a purchase plan.

When you invest in Kahuna Ho Tram Resort, consider that the property can increase in value depending on changes in the market, and could be trickier than other types of investments. Because of this, it’s important that you know your attitude towards risk to help you create an effective strategy.

Your purchase plan should facilitate your goals to produce what you’re aiming for. There are different ways that real estate investors make money. These are:

    • Cash flow income – Cash flow income can be generated from buying property, such as well-run units (i.e., car washes, apartment buildings, and rental houses), and operating it to collect a steady stream of income.
    • Real Estate-related income – Real estate brokers generate this income through commissions from buying and selling property or running the daily operations of an existing property.
    • Ancillary Real Estate Investment income – This kind of income can be a huge source of profit, as this is essentially running smaller businesses within larger investments.

6. Focus and stay informed.

Staying up to date in the world of real estate, especially in Vietnam, is important so that you can know the changes you need to take into account for making informed decisions. There are many sources online that you can use to help you focus on landing that beach villa for sale.

5 Warning Signs of Home Electrical Problems You Should Never Ignore

Electrical glitches, such as a burning odor, flickering lights, frequent electrical sparks, and other related issues often indicate home electrical problems. Home electrical problems give off early warning signs before they turn into a serious problem – so it pays a lot to pay attention to them.

For you and your family’s safety, it’s advised to familiarize yourself with the early symptoms of an electrical problem. Know what the red flags are and take immediate action when you find them. Being vigilant may enable you to protect your home from full-blown disasters brought by glitches in electrical works.

Regular assessment and repairs by a good electrician is necessary to prevent dangerous situations. Keep in mind that even a small electrical problem that might seem unimportant may lead to electrocution or massive property damage later.

Some homeowners opt to troubleshoot electrical issues in their residences themselves. Common electrical problems are often easy to remedy, especially if one has some background in basic electrician services. Even if you’re confident you know your way with wires, always follow safety protocols and practice caution.

However, knowledge over the basics can only do so much. Some technical problems need a proper diagnosis from a licensed electrician, as they are the only one with the expertise to properly handle electrical problems. Keep in mind that an electrician is well-trained on his/her area of expertise. Booking the help of an electrical services Singapore can help you fix your electrical issues.

If you notice or experience the following electrical problems, contact your local electrician services company to fix the issue before it does further damage to your person or property.

1. Electrical shocks

Electrical shocks generally come as an unpleasant surprise after plugging a wire in a socket or touching appliances. If you feel a mild shock or tingle every time you do so, the appliance may have a ground fault or improper electrical wiring. This is a dangerous electrical condition that can cause further damage if left unattended.

It’s encouraged to take every type of electrical shock seriously. Avoid touching electrical appliances such as plugged-in extension cords or electric blow dryers when your hand is wet. Dry your hands first to prevent any shock that may ensue.

If the shocks continue to happen frequently, it’s best to consider booking the assistance of a nearby electrician in Singapore. You wouldn’t want to risk the situation growing worse.

2. Circuit breaker problems

An electrical circuit can become overloaded; when this happens, the circuit breaker is designed to prevent the wires from overheating and possibly starting a fire after it shuts off the main electrical supply. However, even this safety measure can pose a problem when they become old.

Frequent circuit breaker tripping can suggest simple overloads. One way to test this is to plug the appliance in a different circuit. If the breaker trips occasionally, it’s in your best interests to seek the help of an electrician. Working your way inside an electrical panel requires expertise and skill – and it’s considerably unwise to risk ‘doing it yourself’ if you don’t have a solid background in electrician services.

Keep in mind that power may still enter the panel despite shutting off the main breaker. One simple mistake can cause overheating or fire, as this type of work isn’t meant for experimenting. Thus, it’s better to leave the job to an experienced professional.

3. Flickering lights

A staple of horror movies, flickering lights indicate a loose or defective light bulb. Although this can be averted by simply replacing the bulb, in some cases, the problem may still continue even after replacement. One fault might be because of the light fixture but this is not always the case. To address the problem, consult a skilled electrician nearby in Singapore.

Another common reason is a loose fixture connections or loose electrical wiring in the circuit breaker box. Either way, it’s ideal to book professional diagnosis to ensure a complete electrical repair.

4. Burning odor, sparks

Once you notice a burning odor emanating from any switch or outlets, turn off the electrical panel’s power immediately. It is also encouraged to contact an electrician for appropriate and necessary repairs as soon as the odor is noticed. The issue might be because of a faulty device or a wiring/overload problem which is highly urged to be resolved ASAP. It is also considerably a serious issue because it may indicate the beginning of an electrical fire.

Also, beware of large and frequent sparks every time you plug in a device. While occasional sparks are not unusual, its frequent occurrence may indicate a problem with the circuit or the outlet. If it is accompanied with a popping sound, it may be because a wire is loose.

5. Defective electrical outlets

Defective electrical outlets, along with light switches that only work intermittently, are also early signs of a home electrical problem. Common faults may be due to loosened wiring or internally cracked device. A loose plug in a receptacle can pose a serious problem to the residents of your house. The plug may partially fall out, and any unsuspecting person can end up accidentally receiving a nasty shock after unplugging the chord.

Have a skilled electrician inspect and assess your wiring at home to determine if there are any necessary repairs to be done as soon as possible.

Diagnosing these electrical problems may be tricky, so it’s better to seek assistance from an experienced professional. There are risks involved in wirings and electrical works. It’s always better to follow safety procedures and consult a nearby electrician to address the problems in your household.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

How Often Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

Even with regular bathing and brushing, your dog will still need attention from a professional groomer in Singapore to make sure that you have not overlooked anything. Most owners after all still miss parasites, matted hair, nail care, and ear and oral care during the pet grooming sessions at home.


How often do you need to take your dog to a groomer? There are different factors to consider when determining how often it needs to have pet grooming services in Singapore, such as; dog breed, age, overall health, and other grooming issues.


  • Dog Breed

A dog’s breed often determines the type and length of coat. But pet grooming is not only limited to the small breeds that need fancy haircuts, because all dogs need to be routinely groomed several times a year. However, attempting to clean or cut matted fur by yourself often leads to disasters and cause more damage to your pet’s coat.


Generally, short-haired dogs need minimal grooming such as bathing and brushing annually, but short-haired double-coated dogs should be groomed four times annually. Double-coated long-haired dogs need pet grooming more often to prevent matting, but a pet with a thick undercoat should be groomed at least once every three months. Breeds with silky coats and wiry coats both need trimming every two or three months, while you need to groom a pet with curly and wavy coats every four to six weeks.


  • Dog’s Age

Dogs should be introduced to pet grooming in Singapore while they’re still young to learn that the process isn’t scary at all. However, you should also take into factor the level of activity of your dog and how often it is exposed to dirt and other elements.


Dogs who spend most of their time in the apartment will not need grooming as often as dogs who are active outdoors. That’s because bathing too often can also cause fungal or bacterial infections, skin irritation, and damages to the hair follicles. Grooming isn’t simply just applying shampoo and rinsing, after all.


  • Overall Health

If your dog has skin diseases or other pre-existing medical condition, you need to ask your veterinarian how often it needs pet grooming. If bathing is also part of a treatment, always follow the instructions to the letter.


You should also read the labels of the products used on your pet and give instructions to the groomer about your pet’s special needs, if any. A certified groomer in Singapore is your safest option, because they are trained to deal with most canine issues and they know how to deal with anxious or scared dogs.


  • Grooming Issues

To groom pet, most dog groomers only offer bathing, shaving, and trimming services and tend to overlook other grooming needs. Look for a groomer in Singapore that will also include nail care, ear care, oral care, whisker care, and anal gland care for a complete pet grooming package.


Proper nail trimming will reduce instances of joint problems and chipped nails, while oral and ear care will prevent gum diseases and ear infection, respectively. Whisker care on the other hand, is important among breeds with thick, matted fur. Lastly, grooming a pet’s anal glands will help prevent blockage in the secretion of scents, because the groomer will be able to tell you if your pet has a problem.

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