The Basics of Curtain Cleaning Methods

From steam cleaning to machine wash, cleaning your curtains can be a rather complex process to deal with. You have to put in effort and time which may make it a rigorous process in the long run. There are also lots of washing methods and products you have to deliberate upon and choose from. Regardless, you’ll be surprised to know that curtain cleaning can be rather easy once you only know how to approach the matter.

Curtains are typically made out of delicate material. They’re quick to absorb different smells from around the house, such as cigarette smoke and cooking aroma. This leaves them reek of unpleasant odor. Sometimes it may even be the cause for curtain discoloration. Some of these stains are notably visible especially on light-colored curtains.

However, the process of giving your curtains a wash doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. You can opt to do the washing yourself if you have a washing machine at home, but you can always seek the assistance of commercial curtain cleaning services if you do not have time to personally attend to the matter. There are various cleaning shops scattered across Singapore which can help you solve your curtain dilemma.

Key Steps

    • Regular maintenance: You need to follow a regular cleaning schedule when it comes to washing your curtains. If you’re having it cleaned commercially, you can always have it done through curtain dry cleaning – which is one of the most famous options. But if you want to do it yourself, consider vacuuming your curtains every now and then when you have the chance. Make use of a soft brush to remove dust and dirt build-up on your curtains.

    • Delicate curtains: Curtains which are made of delicate material should be hand-washed, since it reduces the risk of shrinking. Your delicate curtains that need specialized curtain cleaning from Singapore may shrink once you put it in the washing machine, which in turn, may destroy its quality.

    • Lightweight curtains: If your curtains are made of lightweight material, you can have it cleaned using your washing machine at home. Handwashing it may also be a suitable curtain cleaning option if you want to thoroughly make sure it’s free of any stain or dirt.

    • Heavy fabric curtains: Curtains which are made of heavy fabric, on the other hand, are ideally to be steam cleaned. This helps you avoid dealing with a lengthy drying process. It may take a couple of days for heavy fabrics to completely dry up, after all.

Machine Wash

You may be able to clean your curtains through the use of a washing machine, but it all depends on the material of your curtains. Machine washing is generally considered to be a simple washing option. It is advised to use the delicate cycle option (if your machine has one), or if not, a cool wash with a slow spin is also a great alternative.

It’s generally fine to make use of your normal laundry detergent. However, if your curtain is made of delicate material, you may be better off using special products for washing. You can avail a number of different fabric-delicate detergents sold in Singapore. It is important to do your research first before putting your curtains inside the machine.

If you are particularly worried over the material, especially with the event of its shrinking, you can always hand wash your curtains instead. Don’t risk putting the curtains inside the machine if you’re not confident the material won’t shrink!

Hand Washing

Generally, handwashing is considered to be the safest option when it comes to cleaning your curtains. Curtain dry cleaning and all the other commercial options can only do so much. In hand washing the material, you can make use of your laundry detergent or a simple hand wash soap. Soaps, which are of the gentle variant, are ideal to use if you want to avoid damaging the material as much as possible.

You can follow the instructions of your product when it comes to the hand washing process. Note that different products may require different concentrations, though. It may be a much more rigorous chore compared to simply putting it inside the washing machine, but hand washing effectively reduces the likely risk of shrinking.

As a matter of fact, it is a perfect option for washing delicate materials such as drapes made out of 100 percent cotton.

Steam Cleaning

Branded as one of the most convenient washing choices, steam cleaning your curtains can be a great idea. This method is also among the most popular options in various commercial curtain cleaning services. Use a good steam cleaner that has an upholstery attachment to make your job a whole lot easier. Start from the top and work your way down the material.

If the curtain becomes wet in the middle of the cleaning process, hold the steamer far away from the material for a while. Always remember to be cautious when using a steam cleaner. Allot ample time to read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start the cleaning process, and make sure to wear protective clothing. Steam can burn you – and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There’s no reason to grow intimidated over the complexities of curtain washing. Sure, there are a few options and special products for you to consider, but if you know the material type of your curtains then your task is made a whole lot easier. Research the appropriate washing methods for your curtains before you attempt on giving them a wash.

However, it is still always advisable to head over to the nearest commercial cleaning shop in Singapore if you want to make sure your curtains will be safe. Not only do you want them clean and smelling fresh, but you’d also want them to remain in their good condition.