Locksmith Services for Car Lock Systems

Regardless of how updated and high-tech and sophisticated central locking systems in cars are, they can still be compromised or become faulty at a certain point.

Car lock cylinders are a good example of this for some models. This is because they essentially work the same as with a door lock, with a metal tube containing pin stacks that need the right amount of pressure so that the plug can be turned.

Older car models without central locking rely on this lock installed to unlock door for the driver’s side and the trunk. They can be easily compromised and broken in, which makes hiring a locksmith to repair lock cylinders in these older cars crucial. The good news is that these models are phased out in Singapore, in favor of ones that have built-in central locking systems.

With that in mind, here are some signs that you need to hire a lock master in Singapore to replace or repair lock cylinder:

1. The key won’t turn in the car door – This can happen for many reasons. For instance, if the car is brand new, something may have been jammed in the car lock cylinder, or that you have the wrong key. If you’ve previously picked your car door, you might also have to hire a locksmith services to unpick lock cylinder.

2. Replacing the ignition cylinder – After lock installation, some locksmith services may miss out on re-keying the new ignition cylinder, which can leave car owners with several keys. This can be confusing especially when car owners take of the key for the car’s lock instead of the ignition, and could end up taking more time.

3. Lock functionality has decreased – Even the best locks and cylinders can deteriorate over time with constant use, and need to be replaced. Regular lock installation for either the car door lock cylinder or the ignition cylinder should be done every few years to keep the car working properly.
Keep in mind that the car lock cylinder should not be confused with the car’s ignition cylinder, as the latter is what turns the engine on and is activated only after the car door has been opened and the car key has been inserted and rotated to start the ignition.

How Locksmiths Can Help You

Locksmith services can help you with all these things, however, there’s always more that they can do for you. A few more ways that a reliable 24 hour locksmith service in Singapore can help you with installing locks in your car include services such as the following:

• Providing a replacement car lock
• Installing or repairing a central locking system
• Unpick lock cylinders that have been picked/damaged
• Adjusting vehicle door locks

Even if you think you can do it yourself, chances are that it will reduce the overall quality and security of the car’s locking system. Your safest option is to contact a 24 hour locksmith service in Singapore like www.lockmaster.sg to handle the problem for you and help you avoid encountering these problems again in the future.