How Often Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

Even with regular bathing and brushing, your dog will still need attention from a professional groomer in Singapore to make sure that you have not overlooked anything. Most owners after all still miss parasites, matted hair, nail care, and ear and oral care during the pet grooming sessions at home.


How often do you need to take your dog to a groomer? There are different factors to consider when determining how often it needs to have pet grooming services in Singapore, such as; dog breed, age, overall health, and other grooming issues.


  • Dog Breed

A dog’s breed often determines the type and length of coat. But pet grooming is not only limited to the small breeds that need fancy haircuts, because all dogs need to be routinely groomed several times a year. However, attempting to clean or cut matted fur by yourself often leads to disasters and cause more damage to your pet’s coat.


Generally, short-haired dogs need minimal grooming such as bathing and brushing annually, but short-haired double-coated dogs should be groomed four times annually. Double-coated long-haired dogs need pet grooming more often to prevent matting, but a pet with a thick undercoat should be groomed at least once every three months. Breeds with silky coats and wiry coats both need trimming every two or three months, while you need to groom a pet with curly and wavy coats every four to six weeks.


  • Dog’s Age

Dogs should be introduced to pet grooming in Singapore while they’re still young to learn that the process isn’t scary at all. However, you should also take into factor the level of activity of your dog and how often it is exposed to dirt and other elements.


Dogs who spend most of their time in the apartment will not need grooming as often as dogs who are active outdoors. That’s because bathing too often can also cause fungal or bacterial infections, skin irritation, and damages to the hair follicles. Grooming isn’t simply just applying shampoo and rinsing, after all.


  • Overall Health

If your dog has skin diseases or other pre-existing medical condition, you need to ask your veterinarian how often it needs pet grooming. If bathing is also part of a treatment, always follow the instructions to the letter.


You should also read the labels of the products used on your pet and give instructions to the groomer about your pet’s special needs, if any. A certified groomer in Singapore is your safest option, because they are trained to deal with most canine issues and they know how to deal with anxious or scared dogs.


  • Grooming Issues

To groom pet, most dog groomers only offer bathing, shaving, and trimming services and tend to overlook other grooming needs. Look for a groomer in Singapore that will also include nail care, ear care, oral care, whisker care, and anal gland care for a complete pet grooming package.


Proper nail trimming will reduce instances of joint problems and chipped nails, while oral and ear care will prevent gum diseases and ear infection, respectively. Whisker care on the other hand, is important among breeds with thick, matted fur. Lastly, grooming a pet’s anal glands will help prevent blockage in the secretion of scents, because the groomer will be able to tell you if your pet has a problem.