Redesigning an Heirloom Ring

Do you have an heirloom ring you want to redesign or a family diamond you want to use in your engagement ring? If so, know that there are a few things you have to consider. Other than searching for a design, you have to look for a trusted jeweller, get your family’s approval, and keep in mind a few etiquettes when resetting a significant piece of jewellery that’s been around for generations. Make sure to pick up these points so you won’t offend yourself, the family, and especially grandma.

Variety of Heirloom Rings

Heirloom rings can come from different people in the family, not necessarily from the immediate family. They could be from an aunt, someone from the step family, or even from a cousin.

Some heirloom rings don’t even have to be engagement rings as well. They can simply be sentimental rings given to celebrate other occasions, such as anniversaries and birthdays. Also, some heirloom pieces such as those from ling jewellery in Singapore are made out of on-traditional items, like a gemstone or a brooch.

While heirloom pieces follow no age limit, there’s certainly a great amount of sentimental value in any wedding ring passed down through generations, so it’s important to preserve it and be careful with any changes you’re making with it.

Asking the Family to Use the Ring

Asking your—or your partner’s—family to use the vintage jewellery to be your proposal ring can be as nerve-wracking as asking your girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

Remember that it’s best not to assume you’ll be granted with the request. But before doing so, it’s a good idea to get to know the person more who has the ring. If you are not already close with the person, take the extra time and effort to get to know them prior to making the request.

When you have already expressed your request, give the person some time to think. It helps a lot to say something about how you value your girlfriend and that it would be an honour to propose to her with the Singapore made ring.

If the family member passes over the ring, never forget to thank them for their consideration and thoughtfulness. Heirloom engagement rings don’t grow on trees. The person just made your proposal extra special.

Before Making Any Changes

First and foremost, make sure it’s okay for the giver of the ring to do some changes. Grandma wouldn’t like to be surprised seeing her wedding ring for the first time after it was altered. Be specific with the changes you want and make sure to inform them before doing anything. Here are some tips to start the discussion.

• If the ring’s current setting seems unpractical for your girlfriend’s lifestyle, mention how easier it would be for her to wear and take care of the ring when it is set in a more convenient setting. Redesigning the antique ring into a safer setting seems like a valid reason for an alteration.
• If the ring is too big or too small for your girlfriend’s hand, try bringing that up. Rings don’t look the same on everyone, and that could be a helpful way to convince them that changes may be necessary.
• If you think the ring’s design is too unique, suggest that an alteration may be necessary to make the antique piece work with your chosen wedding bands.
• If you wish to add some personal touches to the proposal ring, don’t hesitate to mention. You might want to add other gemstones from another family member or a style that reflects your fiancé’s personality.

If after all the persuasion the giver of the heirloom piece still won’t budge, it is best not to push the idea of alteration and settle for it—or save the antique ring and get a brand new one instead. The best you can do is to express your thoughts politely and honestly, and accept whatever the result of the discussion is.

Finding a Jeweller

After you have convinced the giver of the ring to make the necessary changes, the next step is to find a reputable jeweller to work with.

Now, this part can be tricky as not all jewellers in Singapore accept the job. The reason being is that ring resetting is a risky job. Unless you are hand delivering the stone to your jeweller, you are going to be shipping the valuable item to and fro. This isn’t just scary for the jeweller, but for you as well.

Another delicate part of the process is the un-setting of the diamond from an existing piece of jewellery. This is always challenging for jewellers since it is almost impossible to unset a stone without injuring it. Furthermore, the value depreciates not only because of the damaged stone, but also due to the loss of the most parts of the antique ring.

However, although it’s not an ideal situation for these professionals, there are still some jewellers in Singapore who accepts this kind of job. Do not hesitate to ask, but be sure to ask nicely. This is a huge favour, and being extra nice could be your key.

An engagement ring is one of the major aspects of a proposal, but it certainly is not the most important. If having an heirloom piece just seems out of the picture, give other options a chance and consider a sea of stunning choices you have with brand new ones.

Benefits of Seeking Relationship Counselling in Singapore

One misconception about relationship counselling Singapore is how it’s viewed as a “couples-only” activity. Relationships span so much more than just romantic connections. Relationship counselling can also cater to various relationships; such as family, work, and peer relationship.

Seeking counsel or going to a psychology center to resolve issues in any relationship benefits three key areas of any relationship: (1) revitalize deep emotional connection, (2) improve line of communication, (3) renegotiate commitments.

Every relationship is bound to deal with setbacks and difficult moments at some point. Some of these problems might be present right from the start, but other problems only surface after a long time of being together. It is helpful to address these differences as early as possible with the help of a psychologist in Singapore to aim for a sound compromise and prevent the severity of the issues they’re facing.

For couples who have been together for a years and already have a child or children, it may be best to also see a child psychologist.

What is relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling or marriage counselling is often the best option for friends, couples, or colleagues who are facing difficulties in the midst of their rapport with each other. The counselling is carried out by a recommended psychologist in Singapore or psychologist. The focus of each counselling session is to pinpoint the issues they face with each other, and work to find suitable solutions for both parties to achieve a compromise and avoid more distress in their relationship.

Partners or anyone involved in the dilemma must also be willing to attend in order for the session to be worthwhile, as is often encouraged by relationship counselling professionals.

Intervention from a third party is sought because a psychologist in Singapore is well-trained in offering professional help and handing out advice to people who are trying to save their relationship. Efforts are done to move things in a better direction for everyone involved.

When do people seek relationship counselling?

At some point, partners consider counselling when they realize there are certain troubles in their relationship. They often seek the help of a psychologist to conduct couple’s therapy or a private session. When these issues are often left unaddressed, things tend to worsen hence severing ties between two parties. A severe crisis might just ultimately break the bond between two or more people.

The decision to seek counselling from a psychologist in Singapore can arise early if either of the party in a relationship becomes aware of the problems and factors affecting their relationship. They recognize the issues early, instead of choosing to ignore them until these ill-feelings supposedly go ‘away’. Other couples are also noted to resolve the issues on their own – only to fail in the process – hence prompting them to seek help from a third party.

A recommended psychologist becomes a relevant solution to hinder the dissolution of any relationship. While intervention is needed to facilitate both parties hear each other out, there must also be a desire from every person involved to mend the severed relationship. This urges effort and participation from everyone involved in the counselling.

Benefits of Relationship Counselling

Some of the benefits of relationship counselling includes:

1. Improves communication

Communication is always the key to a healthy relationship. Partners must learn to understand each other better in an open-communication relationship built on trust and openness. Failure to maintain proper communication can create a disconnect, and the distance between couples is notorious for causing bigger issues in the long run.

If you find the best psychologist for you problem, he or she will help restore your communication and rekindle your relationship’s intimacy once more. Both parties are encouraged to speak their mind and express their feelings and thoughts – while the facilitator maintains the process of effective communication.

2. Builds self-esteem

A psychologist will often start the counselling session by promoting understanding of the relationship problems. This helps in better understanding of each other’s role and value in the relationship, making both parties value each other and the relationship they have. As the relationship improves over time, so does the self-esteem and confidence of the individuals involved.

Building one’s self-esteem is essential in marriage counselling as it allows couples to gain a more optimistic view towards life. This also increases the chances of making the relationship succeed and become long-lasting. It could also help to send your child or children to a child psychologist to check on any psychological or emotional damage they might have received from witnessing (or even just sensing) your marital problems, which might cause them to have low self-esteem.

3. Strengthens bonds

It is easy for a small misunderstanding to invalidate each other’s significance in a relationship. Much will be left unsaid, especially if unresolved feelings further regress to much serious conflicts. Going to a psychology center or undergoing marriage counselling will allow parties to understand oneself and also the other’s feelings. Couples, for instance, learn to express their feelings and thoughts as they bring everyone together. Doing so strengthens a relationship’s bond.

Conflict is inevitable in almost every relationship. However, that doesn’t mean the ugly fights and feuds that may spring from this cannot be resolved.

4. Makes you happier

Happiness can be entirely a façade that masks the bitter truth of trouble ensuing in a relationship. While it can be easy to fake a smile and pretend everything is normal, it is still encouraged to seek professional counselling from a psychologist to cope with the problems better. Seeking help from other third parties such as colleagues, parents, or friends is also advised.

Confronting these issues might be difficult, but it gives you peace of mind in the long run. There’s distress and unresolved issues that can accumulate overtime, hence it’s better to attempt to solve them as soon as possible.

5. Reestablish commitments

A psychologist/counsellor helps one understand what commitment actually means to them. Accordingly, they are allowed to voice out their concerns, pent-up frustrations, and wishes for the other. This allows both parties to negotiate responsibilities that arise and reestablish commitments for the good of the relationship. This also gives couples a better approach to reach workable agreements on the issues they are both currently facing.