7 Tips to Eliminate Internal Theft With CCTV

CCTV technology is widely used by businesses and establishments—big or small—to minimize theft, keep an eye on the premises after hours and monitor activities inside the office.

With employee theft being one of the major causes of business bankruptcy in Singapore, business owners find the need to install secure office entry systems to protect their companies. Aside from security cameras, another common security system is a biometric door access system which prevents unauthorized entry and secures your office’s door access.

By keeping these tips in mind, you are guaranteed to have the highest level of protection against internal theft through your CCTV system.

1. Go for high-quality cameras
When deciding which CCTV system to get for your office, choose one with high-quality cameras and functions. Preferably, go for ones with customizable motion detectors. This feature will automatically alert you if someone is in the office after work hours or if someone is in off-limits area during work hours.

2. Place cameras strategically
Install your IP camera where it can capture every corner of the room. This is especially important in rooms where less frequented by employees and holds big amount of money and/or confidential files. Seasoned thieves will figure out if there are any blind spots and will take advantage of them to pursue their illegal intentions.

3. Make sure your CCTV records and saves everything
Ensure that the footages captured by the CCTV camera are recorded and stored in cloud storage. This will serve as evidence in case of theft or any incident. You will be able to show a proof to the police to support your claims, and if it is an employee you have enough proof to kick them out of your company.

4. Look for wireless remote monitoring feature
Wireless remote monitoring is great prevention for internal theft. This is one of the IP CCTV features that more and more security camera systems are starting to incorporate into their offered services. With remote monitoring, you can monitor and view your office wherever you are, as long as you have internet connection. This lets you to be at your office and see everything happening real time, even when you are halfway across the world.

5. Decide whether to have your cameras hidden or not
Many business owners question the need to install hidden security camera. While it is not entirely a bad idea, it creates greater impact to have your analog camera exposed instead of having it hidden. On the other hand, if you are thinking of installing one or two hidden cameras at the office, one of the best places is a blind spot. Savvy thieves will likely take advantage of these spots, thinking they will not be caught on camera as they are doing their act of stealing (money, supplies, time, etc.).

6. Get appropriate camera and camera lens
You always need clear video resolution in case of theft. Always remember that the police cannot go after the perpetrators if you cannot provide enough evidence. And what could be clearer and more solid proof than an HD-quality footage from your IP CCTV camera?

7. Pair your IP camera with access control system
Business establishments always have ‘high-value item’ storage areas, where valuable things like gadgets, jewelleries and expensive liquor are stored. When there so many items stored and no CCTV camera in the room, anyone can easily get away with stealing items. Go a step further and pair your IP camera with access control system, so you will not only have a video footage of whoever entered the restricted area but also an electronic record of who went in the space throughout the day.

Additional tips to prevent internal theft:
• Manage Inventory
Make sure to separate receiving and shipping functions in your office. As the business owner, do physical inventories periodically and ask those employees who are not assigned in the inventory to do the job. This way, you will be able to see if the records sync with the records submitted by your official inventory personnel.

• Control Cash Receipts
Use the serial numbered slips for your sales, and then conduct weekly auditing. Additionally, balance the slips and register every receipt with the help of an independent person or any of your employees who is not in the sales department.

• Supervise Your Employees
One of the reasons why theft and fraud is rampant inside many establishments in Singapore is the lack of supervision. You do not have to be always over their shoulders, but see to it to check on them from time to time. Also, you can take advantage of your office camera in supervising your employees. You can monitor them from your office through the CCTV monitor.

Internal theft, or also known as employee theft, is a serious offense and is a major crime. As a business owner, you have to be alert to avoid unnecessary expenses and theft, which can lead to the dreadful business bankruptcy. Installing an intercom system can help you ensure your business’ safety and security. This can enable you to communicate with the person at the door, verify who they are and what they want before allowing them entry into the office. Having a door intercom solution can guarantee a better and improved gate security system for your Singapore office.

Entrusting your company’s safety to a professional security company in Singapore is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner. Yes, you can purchase an analog camera yourself, but security experts will likely advice against that. Why? Because when it comes to something as serious as protecting your business, it would be smart to leave it to the pros. Take enough precautions by getting your business a reliable IP CCTV system. You will realize, as your business grows, it is one of the security essentials totally worth investing on.