10 Essential Services to Look For In a Professional Laundry Shop

If you need more than just washing of clothes, working with commercial laundry services that offer more than just the traditional wash and fold of clothes provides less hassle for you. Especially if you are someone who runs a hospitality business, such as a hotel, an inn, a restaurant or a cafe, you want your 24 hour laundry partner to provide services like laundry delivery, laundry pick up, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and more.

1. Dry Cleaning Services – Dry cleaning is an alternative to using the washing machine and water-based detergents to remove stains. This is considered safer to use on delicate fabrics that are prone to shrinking or expanding when exposed to water, because it uses a dry-cleaning solvent to attract the dirt. This is recommended only for clothes labeled dry clean and dry clean only, although most clothes that are washable can be dry cleaned, too. However, avoid frequently dry cleaning your uniform laundry and other clothes that are used often because the fabrics will eventually wear out in time.

2. Uniform Laundry – Although most uniforms can be washed safely in a regular washing machine, they are prone to damage and stains because they are used often. Look for laundry shops that include pressing or ironing and mending of uniform laundry to keep them looking new for years.

3. Steam and Spot-Cleaning – Some fabrics cannot be cleaned using both water-based detergent and dry-cleaning solvent. Most upholstery have this problem but look for a laundry service shop that offers Singapore shirts washing assistance, steam-cleaning, and spot-cleaning on items that are not washable.

4. Laundry Pickup and Delivery – If you’re too busy to get to the laundry shop, look for a laundry service that offers both laundry pick up and laundry delivery.

5. Wash and Fold Services – This is a basic service that any commercial laundry shop in Singapore should have.

6. Pressing and Ironing Services – Some laundry shops such as laundryfirst.sg in Singapore also include pressing or ironing in their services. This can be useful for uniform laundry, suits, and formal wear.

7. Linen and Towel Washing – If you own a restaurant or hotel business, look for a laundry service shop in Singapore that can handle demands for linen and towel washing. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions should also look for commercial laundry services that include disinfection of laundry and delivery of items.

8. Upholstery and Curtain Washing – If your upholstery, linens, curtains, and other washable items at home need cleaning, look for a commercial laundry services shop that has the right equipment for the job. Fabrics used for furniture are more delicate than those used for clothing and will need special cleaning techniques such as vacuuming, spot-treatment, and steaming.

9. Laundry for Spa – Spas and similar shops use up a lot of washable items such as towels. Laundry services can make the task easier with a laundry for spa or towel washing package that will ensure you will always get your clean items back.

10. 24-Hour Laundry Services – This is common in most self-service laundry shops, but there are commercial laundry services that are open 24 hours to cater to the needs of customers any time of the day.