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Please be advised that at this time, Education-A-Must is no longer accepting new clients. If you feel advocacy services are needed, please feel free to call someone listed on our Advocate Resource Page or through Wrightslaw or COPAA.

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Beat the IEP Uptights by Being Prepared

You’re probably saying to yourself that you have prepared for the IEP meeting. You have done your three-ring binder with all of the education records carefully placed into the right category.




What is HIV/AIDS?

There is no shortage of guides about the cause and prevention of HIV/AIDS and yet it is still one of the most common sexually-transmitted diseases in the world. Other STDs also raise the risk of the getting HIV. Unfortunately, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS but the symptoms can be treated early in Singapore so that the person doesn’t suffer from opportunistic illnesses.

Here are the things you need to know about HIV/AIDS.

Sexually-Transmitted Diseases

There are more than 30 different viruses, bacteria and parasites associated with sexually-transmitted diseases according to the World Health Organization. Four STDs are incurable, including herpes simplex virus, hepatitis virus B, human papillomavirus, and HIV. Most of these STDs are spread through sexual contact with another infected person. The diseases can also be passed to newborns from their mother as well as contact through blood and blood products.

STDs increase the risk of getting HIV especially for people who don’t use protection during intimate encounters. If you think you’re experiencing STD symptoms, you should get an STD screening. Most STDs, however, don’t have visible symptoms. You should still consider getting an STD testing especially if you have an active sex life, have had more than one intimate partner or you and your partner are thinking of having a baby.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. As shared by Singapore STD clinic HIV can be acquired through unprotected intimate contact with an infected partner, can be passed down from mother to newborns, and transmitted through contact with an infected blood or blood products. It is a type of sexually transmitted disease that is incurable. Once you are infected, your body will never be able to get rid of the virus.

The virus attacks the CD4 cells. These are white blood cells, also called T-cells, helper cells or T-lymphocytes, that help your immune system fight off infection. They send signals to other immune cells so that your body can start destroying the infection. To determine if you are infected, you need to get a count of CD4 cells.

An infected person has less than 200 CD4 cells. Anything above 500 on the other hand is safe. HIV destroys the CD4 cells while it keeps replicating. HIV itself will not kill the infected person, but it will weaken the immune system so that he/she is susceptible to illnesses and will not be able to recover as fast as a healthy person.

Causes of HIV

The name of the virus and the infection itself is referred to as HIV. HIV is acquired through contact with infected semen, vaginal fluids, and blood. It means that sexual contact isn’t the only way to get the virus. As long as there is direct access to the person’s blood stream, there is risk of getting infected.

There are only three methods to get infected, namely; sexual activity, blood contact, and passing the infection from mother to an unborn baby. You will not get HIV through saliva, skin contact, or exposure to air. A person with HIV cannot transmit the virus by hugging, coughing or sneezing, or by using utensils like drinking cups. The most effective method to determine if you are infected is to undergo an STD screening.

Talk to your doctor about your lifestyle and the symptoms you might be experiencing. There are different types of STD testing that can be done depending on the symptoms you have observed. Each anonymous HIV test in Singapore looks for signs of a specific infection. An HIV test is available in hospitals in Singapore. You can also buy an HIV test kit for use at home.

Diagnosing and Treating HIV

Currently, there are three types of STD screening tests for HIV available in Singapore. These are antibody tests, nucleic acid tests or NATs and a combination of antibody and antigen tests. Before these tests are given, you need to consult with a doctor to determine when you might have been infected. An antibody test is the fastest of the three and can be performed at home using HIV test kits.

It will test for HIV antibodies in the fluid and blood from your mouth. NATs on the other hand is done to look for HIV in your blood. It’s an expensive test which is effective after a period of 7 days from the time you were exposed to the virus. The combination test will look for the HIV antibodies and HIV antigens in the blood.

Remember that the doctor will recommend a follow-up STD test within 3 months regardless of the result. Treatment of HIV involves the prescription of antiretroviral drugs and additional medication for relieving symptoms and preventing opportunistic infections. The antiretroviral drugs prevent the virus from entering the the cells and blocks the enzymes for replicating the virus. Currently, there are 4 types of antiretroviral medications available.

Stages of HIV

There are 3 stages of HIV infection. The treatment will depend on the progress of the virus. The first stage, acute HIV infection, happens 2 to 4 weeks after the person is infected. One of the symptoms mimics flu and it can last for weeks. You have to get an STD testing at this point especially if you suspect that you have contracted an infection. Stage 2 of HIV is called clinical latency or HIV inactivity or dormancy. The virus reproduces slowly and the infected person will not feel any symptoms. The person can still undergo treatment at this stage after an HIV screening. The last stage of HIV is called AIDS.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome is the most severe form of HIV. By this time, the infected person’s CD4 cells count (a CD4 cell count of below 200 is considered critical) has gone down significantly and he/she is susceptible to a lot of diseases. These diseases are called opportunistic infections, the most common of which is pneumonia. People with AIDs usually have swollen lymph glands, experience weight loss, fever, chills and weakness.

Redesigning an Heirloom Ring

Do you have an heirloom ring you want to redesign or a family diamond you want to use in your engagement ring? If so, know that there are a few things you have to consider. Other than searching for a design, you have to look for a trusted jeweller, get your family’s approval, and keep in mind a few etiquettes when resetting a significant piece of jewellery that’s been around for generations. Make sure to pick up these points so you won’t offend yourself, the family, and especially grandma.

Variety of Heirloom Rings

Heirloom rings can come from different people in the family, not necessarily from the immediate family. They could be from an aunt, someone from the step family, or even from a cousin.

Some heirloom rings don’t even have to be engagement rings as well. They can simply be sentimental rings given to celebrate other occasions, such as anniversaries and birthdays. Also, some heirloom pieces such as those from ling jewellery in Singapore are made out of on-traditional items, like a gemstone or a brooch.

While heirloom pieces follow no age limit, there’s certainly a great amount of sentimental value in any wedding ring passed down through generations, so it’s important to preserve it and be careful with any changes you’re making with it.

Asking the Family to Use the Ring

Asking your—or your partner’s—family to use the vintage jewellery to be your proposal ring can be as nerve-wracking as asking your girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

Remember that it’s best not to assume you’ll be granted with the request. But before doing so, it’s a good idea to get to know the person more who has the ring. If you are not already close with the person, take the extra time and effort to get to know them prior to making the request.

When you have already expressed your request, give the person some time to think. It helps a lot to say something about how you value your girlfriend and that it would be an honour to propose to her with the Singapore made www.lingjewellery.com.sg ring.

If the family member passes over the ring, never forget to thank them for their consideration and thoughtfulness. Heirloom engagement rings don’t grow on trees. The person just made your proposal extra special.

Before Making Any Changes

First and foremost, make sure it’s okay for the giver of the ring to do some changes. Grandma wouldn’t like to be surprised seeing her wedding ring for the first time after it was altered. Be specific with the changes you want and make sure to inform them before doing anything. Here are some tips to start the discussion.

• If the ring’s current setting seems unpractical for your girlfriend’s lifestyle, mention how easier it would be for her to wear and take care of the ring when it is set in a more convenient setting. Redesigning the antique ring into a safer setting seems like a valid reason for an alteration.
• If the ring is too big or too small for your girlfriend’s hand, try bringing that up. Rings don’t look the same on everyone, and that could be a helpful way to convince them that changes may be necessary.
• If you think the ring’s design is too unique, suggest that an alteration may be necessary to make the antique piece work with your chosen wedding bands.
• If you wish to add some personal touches to the proposal ring, don’t hesitate to mention. You might want to add other gemstones from another family member or a style that reflects your fiancé’s personality.

If after all the persuasion the giver of the heirloom piece still won’t budge, it is best not to push the idea of alteration and settle for it—or save the antique ring and get a brand new one instead. The best you can do is to express your thoughts politely and honestly, and accept whatever the result of the discussion is.

Finding a Jeweller

After you have convinced the giver of the ring to make the necessary changes, the next step is to find a reputable jeweller to work with.

Now, this part can be tricky as not all jewellers in Singapore accept the job. The reason being is that ring resetting is a risky job. Unless you are hand delivering the stone to your jeweller, you are going to be shipping the valuable item to and fro. This isn’t just scary for the jeweller, but for you as well.

Another delicate part of the process is the un-setting of the diamond from an existing piece of jewellery. This is always challenging for jewellers since it is almost impossible to unset a stone without injuring it. Furthermore, the value depreciates not only because of the damaged stone, but also due to the loss of the most parts of the antique ring.

However, although it’s not an ideal situation for these professionals, there are still some jewellers in Singapore who accepts this kind of job. Do not hesitate to ask, but be sure to ask nicely. This is a huge favour, and being extra nice could be your key.

An engagement ring is one of the major aspects of a proposal, but it certainly is not the most important. If having an heirloom piece just seems out of the picture, give other options a chance and consider a sea of stunning choices you have with brand new ones.

5 Types of Brand Names in Trademarking: A Brief Guide

Protecting your intellectual property through trademarks prompts a cautious assessment of what trademarking entails. Simply put, a trademark is essentially a registered mark which is composed of a unique name, set of words, symbol, device, or a combination of these factors. These marks are primarily used to identify and distinguish a company from the rest – of which includes the specific products and services they offer.

Trademark registration also allows commercial companies to protect their products and stop competitors from using and/or misusing the same products and services. More than just the need to protect your brand, registered trademarks help in instilling brand loyalty among avid customers and in shaping their perceptions regarding the services you offer.

What makes a good trademark?

If you ask this to any trademark attorney in Singapore, they are likely to urge you to come up with a distinct and unique name. It seems like the more exclusive your trademark sounds or appears like, the better it is at protecting your company – but that belief is entirely all up for debate, though.

Business owners often go with generic names initially, only to set their name into something more unique before they officially register trademark. Doing so makes them stand out from the rest of their competitors across the city-state. Hence, coming up with an effective trademark is crucial for any business endeavor.

In general, there are 5 types of brand names when it comes to trademarking:

1. Generic

Generic brand names encompass an entire group/class of products. This category is considerably the weakest; therefore, they cannot be legally trademarked in Singapore. Examples of this type with Singapore trademark registration would be words like: ‘Cold Beer’, ‘Smartphone’, or ‘Bread’. Even though they can’t be trademarked, you may still see these brand names on some commercial products.

These names are still effective, though. People tend to quickly associate them with the products and other commodities they need because they are simple and easy to remember. But because they are far too generic, these brand names cannot be used to register TM nor used exclusively by a single company.

2. Descriptive

A little step above the generic category is the descriptive brand names, which are still notably difficult to protect. They’re called descriptive because of the adjective/descriptor present before a generic word. You won’t have a hard time distinguishing generic names from descriptive ones. The presence of any descriptive word effectively kicks them up a notch than mere generic brand names.

Examples of descriptive trademarks include Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Holiday Inn – all of which has earned legal trademark protection. That means, corporate owners of these companies possess the right to prevent other establishments from copying their name or coming up with a brand name which is closely like theirs.

3. Suggestive

Suggestive brand names have greater chances of acquiring legal protection. Names such as Greyhound and Amazon are highly correlated with something else – thus they invoke the power of analogy. The word ‘greyhound’ generally refers to a certain dog breed, but in this case, it is a registered trademark for an intercity bus common carrier (Greyhound Lines, Inc.). Meanwhile, ‘Amazon’ is the name of a race of Greek female warriors, but the word is now trademarked for one of the biggest online shopping sites internationally.

Although they’re notably harder to market compared to other types of brand names, having suggestive marks make it easier to register trademark.

4. Fanciful

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts in trademark registration, the use of fanciful and unique names is also considered the easiest to protect. Using this category of brand names requires creativity and wittiness. Since they’re distinct, fun, and easily protected by the law – a lot of business start-ups opt to create or coin fanciful trademarks themselves.

This trend can be observed in the tech world, notably in brands such as Xerox (a global corporation which sells document solutions), Twitter (an online news and social networking service), and Google (a sought-after company specializing in Internet-related services and products).

5. Arbitrary

The last category belongs to arbitrary brand names. These are names which appear to be generic, but they possess certain trademarkable traits because of the obvious way they’re used out of context. For instance, the global oil company Shell was able to trademark the name because the product and services they offer to the public are unrelated to ‘seashells’.

Another example would be “Apple” computers and smartphones. The tech giant gained trademark rights over the name because their business endeavor was not in line with selling produce. Obviously enough, not even a bit.

The process of trademark registration doesn’t just happen overnight. After you sign the documents, you need to give it time before the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore or other related government institutions review your application. Some cases take about 3-6 months of processing time, others even take up to years.

Companies who applied for generic and descriptive brand names were notably the ones who took time in waiting for their trademarks to be legally registered. The board must first ensure there’s no opposition from third parties and there’s no existing business which already uses the same name before they can bestow you the legal rights to protect your brand name.

To protect your brand efficiently, allot generous amount of time in brainstorming about potential trademark names. It is also encouraged to seek the assistance of trademark attorneys before you proceed on applying for your trademark to reduce any chances of errors and fines.

What You Need in A Commercial Kitchen

Starting a restaurant can be a daunting task; a lot of decisions and considerations that need to be made. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is what you put in your kitchen. Your commercial kitchen equipment can set the tone for the future of your business. Making sure that your equipment is of high-quality can mean a successful restaurant. To help you succeed, here is a list of some of the essential commercial kitchen equipment that you need.

1. Counters

Food preparation counters are one of the most important, albeit overlooked, equipment you’ll need in any commercial kitchen. In choosing the right food preparation counter, make sure that its surfaces are made of stainless steel, to guard it against rust, corrosion, and the chemicals in harsh cleaning products.

Other than food preparation counters, you will also need cutting surfaces. There are two main types of cutting surfaces: wood or plastic. Both have their own advantages; while plastic boards are easier to clean, wooden boards tend to be sturdier.

2. Shelving

A good storage system is key to having a good workflow in your kitchen. Knowing where all your materials are and making sure that they are stored safely and efficiently can help you save time and effort. Shelves and racks come in many different sizes; you can pick and choose from them to fit your kitchen’s needs.

When purchasing shelves, make sure that they are safe and contaminant-free. You could choose from two main types of shelving: stationery and mobile shelves. Stationery shelves can act as partitions in your kitchen, making sure that aisles are kept at a consistent size. On the other hand, mobile shelves can be pushed from one place to another so that they can be accessed more quickly.

3. Freezers and Refrigerators

One of the most important commercial kitchen equipment in Singapore that you’ll need in your kitchen is refrigeration. Every kitchen needs a type of refrigeration. They don’t just keep your food cold, it also makes sure that your food stays fresh and safe.

The two main types of refrigerators: reach-in and walk-in fridges. Reach in fridges are the usual type of fridges, and can come in a variety of sizes. Walk-in fridges are larger are great for restaurants with a large inventory.

While buying freezers and coolers, you will need to consider the size of your kitchen. Before buying anything, measure the entryways and doorways of your restaurant to make sure that your coolers and freezers can fit through them. There is bound to be a model perfect for your kitchen provided by a trusted kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore. If you fail to find one, you could still have one custom-built for you.

4. Cooking Utensils

A variety of cooking utensils can make sure that your kitchen can fulfill a variety of functions like food prep and cooking. Some of these utensils include knives, peelers, whisks, pans, and containers. To save money, you could buy your utensils second-hand, or lease them for a time from a trusted source.

5. Slicers

Slicers are equipment that cuts meats and other types of food. It can help speed up the preparation in your kitchen, making sure that your slices are uniform and consistent. This shows your customers that your food is consistent with both portion and quality.

The type of slicer that you’ll need for your kitchen depends on the volume of food that you’ll need to slice. If your kitchen wouldn’t do a lot of slicing, you could use a manual slicer, which is generally less expensive than automatic slicers. However, if your kitchen does a lot of slicing, an automatic slicer will save you money in the long run, making sure that your food preparation is faster and more efficient.

6. Mixers

Mixers are a necessary equipment in every restaurant. There are a few things to consider before purchasing a mixer. The first is its type. There are two main types of mixers on the market: the spiral mixer and the planetary mixer. Spiral mixers have a spiral-shaped agitator and are generally faster than planetary mixers. On the other hand, planetary mixers are slower but allow you to make things like whipped cream and mashed potatoes.

The second thing you’ll need to consider is the type of usage. Heavy duty mixers are necessary for restaurants that deal with dough and baking, like bread or pizza. Light-duty mixers are for kitchens that only need to use mixers occasionally.

7. Sinks

Maintaining cleanliness is one of the most important things that you’ll need to remember in your kitchen. Sinks can make sure that your kitchen remains hygienic so that you could continue to serve healthy and high-quality dishes.

8. Ovens

In buying an oven, consider how easy it would be to use, and how reliable it is. You could choose between electric ovens and gas ovens. Electric ovens are the cheaper choice but result in higher heating costs. Gas ovens are more expensive initially but can help you save more money in the long run.

With ovens, it is necessary to buy a first-hand unit from a trusted kitchen equipment supplier, to take advantage of a good warranty. There are many suppliers in Singapore that you could choose from; do a diligent search on them to find one you like.

9. Ranges

Another important commercial kitchen equipment you will need is your range. Commercial ranges allow you to perform a wide range of functions like cooking and grilling. Ranges allow you to use several methods of cooking, such as gas, electricity, or induction in one equipment.

There are two types of ranges: gas and electric. Gas ranges are more popular, as they can provide a more precise temperature regulation. You can choose an electric range if gas isn’t available or cheaper, or if your kitchen does not have proper ventilation, or if gas ranges aren’t allowed in your building or area.

Benefits of Seeking Relationship Counselling in Singapore

One misconception about relationship counselling Singapore is how it’s viewed as a “couples-only” activity. Relationships span so much more than just romantic connections. Relationship counselling can also cater to various relationships; such as family, work, and peer relationship.

Seeking counsel or going to a psychology center to resolve issues in any relationship benefits three key areas of any relationship: (1) revitalize deep emotional connection, (2) improve line of communication, (3) renegotiate commitments.

Every relationship is bound to deal with setbacks and difficult moments at some point. Some of these problems might be present right from the start, but other problems only surface after a long time of being together. It is helpful to address these differences as early as possible with the help of a psychologist in Singapore to aim for a sound compromise and prevent the severity of the issues they’re facing.

For couples who have been together for a years and already have a child or children, it may be best to also see a child psychologist.

What is relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling or marriage counselling is often the best option for friends, couples, or colleagues who are facing difficulties in the midst of their rapport with each other. The counselling is carried out by a recommended psychologist in Singapore or psychologist. The focus of each counselling session is to pinpoint the issues they face with each other, and work to find suitable solutions for both parties to achieve a compromise and avoid more distress in their relationship.

Partners or anyone involved in the dilemma must also be willing to attend in order for the session to be worthwhile, as is often encouraged by relationship counselling professionals.

Intervention from a third party is sought because a psychologist in Singapore is well-trained in offering professional help and handing out advice to people who are trying to save their relationship. Efforts are done to move things in a better direction for everyone involved.

When do people seek relationship counselling?

At some point, partners consider counselling when they realize there are certain troubles in their relationship. They often seek the help of a psychologist to conduct couple’s therapy or a private session. When these issues are often left unaddressed, things tend to worsen hence severing ties between two parties. A severe crisis might just ultimately break the bond between two or more people.

The decision to seek counselling from a psychologist in Singapore can arise early if either of the party in a relationship becomes aware of the problems and factors affecting their relationship. They recognize the issues early, instead of choosing to ignore them until these ill-feelings supposedly go ‘away’. Other couples are also noted to resolve the issues on their own – only to fail in the process – hence prompting them to seek help from a third party.

A recommended psychologist becomes a relevant solution to hinder the dissolution of any relationship. While intervention is needed to facilitate both parties hear each other out, there must also be a desire from every person involved to mend the severed relationship. This urges effort and participation from everyone involved in the counselling.

Benefits of Relationship Counselling

Some of the benefits of relationship counselling includes:

1. Improves communication

Communication is always the key to a healthy relationship. Partners must learn to understand each other better in an open-communication relationship built on trust and openness. Failure to maintain proper communication can create a disconnect, and the distance between couples is notorious for causing bigger issues in the long run.

If you find the best psychologist for you problem, he or she will help restore your communication and rekindle your relationship’s intimacy once more. Both parties are encouraged to speak their mind and express their feelings and thoughts – while the facilitator maintains the process of effective communication.

2. Builds self-esteem

A psychologist will often start the counselling session by promoting understanding of the relationship problems. This helps in better understanding of each other’s role and value in the relationship, making both parties value each other and the relationship they have. As the relationship improves over time, so does the self-esteem and confidence of the individuals involved.

Building one’s self-esteem is essential in marriage counselling as it allows couples to gain a more optimistic view towards life. This also increases the chances of making the relationship succeed and become long-lasting. It could also help to send your child or children to a child psychologist to check on any psychological or emotional damage they might have received from witnessing (or even just sensing) your marital problems, which might cause them to have low self-esteem.

3. Strengthens bonds

It is easy for a small misunderstanding to invalidate each other’s significance in a relationship. Much will be left unsaid, especially if unresolved feelings further regress to much serious conflicts. Going to a psychology center or undergoing marriage counselling will allow parties to understand oneself and also the other’s feelings. Couples, for instance, learn to express their feelings and thoughts as they bring everyone together. Doing so strengthens a relationship’s bond.

Conflict is inevitable in almost every relationship. However, that doesn’t mean the ugly fights and feuds that may spring from this cannot be resolved.

4. Makes you happier

Happiness can be entirely a façade that masks the bitter truth of trouble ensuing in a relationship. While it can be easy to fake a smile and pretend everything is normal, it is still encouraged to seek professional counselling from a psychologist to cope with the problems better. Seeking help from other third parties such as colleagues, parents, or friends is also advised.

Confronting these issues might be difficult, but it gives you peace of mind in the long run. There’s distress and unresolved issues that can accumulate overtime, hence it’s better to attempt to solve them as soon as possible.

5. Reestablish commitments

A psychologist/counsellor helps one understand what commitment actually means to them. Accordingly, they are allowed to voice out their concerns, pent-up frustrations, and wishes for the other. This allows both parties to negotiate responsibilities that arise and reestablish commitments for the good of the relationship. This also gives couples a better approach to reach workable agreements on the issues they are both currently facing.

Evaluating an Accounting Software Program

Singapore businesses and establishments rely on accounting software to keep records of financial transactions and run financial reports, which helps assess profitability and other metrics for success. Because of this, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate an accounting software program to ensure it meets your standards and the needs of your business.

Choosing the right program can help your company’s efficiency in recording transactions and evaluate financial measures. Let’s together find out how to properly evaluate an accounting program.

Take Note of Current Issues

First and foremost, before you start the search for new software, figure out what’s wrong with your current accounting system. Where are having problems? Do you think having a new program can correct the problem? Make a list of these problems as these are going to be the key areas that have to be addressed by the accounting software you’ll purchase.

Identify the Features You Want and Need

The next step is to identify what you want to get out of your new accounting system. Better known as the top-down strategy, start by identifying your goals and then choosing the program that can provide you those goals. Writing down your expectations for the best accounting software in Singapore will help you select the accounting program that matches your desires.

Consider Existing Systems

The importance of coherent interfaces between various systems in a business is often overlooked. When choosing new accounting software, take into consideration all of the existing systems in your company and make sure that your new program can work and function coherently with other systems.

Keep in Mind Size and Organization

In addition to the existing systems, your company’s size and organization should also be taken into account when evaluating new software. A small business won’t need all the features that a medium or large business will need. The industry of the business also matters. For instance, being the only employee of your business means not needing a payroll feature. Likewise, if you sell services rather than products, you won’t need a program with an inventory function.

Find Out Reporting Information Provided

There are different regulations regarding business accounting reporting, and it’s possible that you may be required to provide business reports to different agencies. Your accounting software should be able to help you with these reports by ensuring you have the data needed for these requirements. The type of your business will determine what reporting features you’ll need to comply with the current laws for Singapore businesses.

Come Up With a List of Choices

With the information you currently have, scour through the market and pick a bunch of potential accounting programs that appeal to you. Try to pick at least five, and then do an in-depth research of each of your choices.

Ask for Demonstration of the Program

Now that you have come up with five choices, it’s time to examine them one by one. Reach out to the vendors and ask if you can see a demo of the product. It will give you the chance to actually see the program in action and whether it will work for you or not. Let a vendor know your expectations so they can show you various programs and suggest which one would best suit you.

Test Run the Software in the Real Environment

Once you have seen the programs in action and have narrowed down to fewer choices, one of the best ways to fully evaluate your new software is to test it in the real environment—in your company’s system. Most of accounting programs provide trial packs, which you can use for a particular span of time (usually 30 days). This will allow you to play with the software in the environment of your own system and mess around with it using your own data and business scenarios. You’ll experience for yourself how the program works and what the possible glitches you may experience with that accounting software.

After thoroughly evaluating, your chosen software should be able to provide great returns on your investment. It should help your company to achieve better productivity, functionality, efficiency, and more accurate financial reporting.

VoIP in Singapore: What You Need to Know About the Latest VoIP Solutions

Thanks to the many great technological advancements in the digital age, a lot of companies all over the world are now shifting from their traditional phone outlines and moving over to tap the help of the internet to sustain their telephone needs. From their old telephone service, they are now relying on cloud VoIP instead, which stands for Voice over IP.

In order to keep up with other businesses in the field, upgrading to VoIP has been actually proven an advantageous move by a lot of organizations. For one, the monthly bill from using a traditional telephone service costs much more than using the internet, which is practically all a hosted VoIP system needs. This can be a burden to companies in Singapore who have outsourced personnel from outside the country. Low calling rates may seem trivial but a much lower accumulated expense of it over time actually saves the company lots of money.

The advantages of VoIP Singapore doesn’t stop there. It also features an excellent voice quality, saving you from dealing with muffled squawks and weird noises of a traditional phone. Since VoIP keeps pace with the internet, this kind of system also provides extra features that a regular phone doesn’t have along with an even easier access to standard phone features which used to be difficult to figure out.

Local vs. cloud?

Regular phones are typically connected to an analog phone line or a company’s chosen service provider, but a phone which uses cloud VoIP is instead connected to a computer. It can be set on-site, which is stored and ran through a computer inside your company’s premise, or it could also be a hosted service that can connect to through the internet. The latter is branded as storage “in the cloud”, hence the name.

The computer can be viewed as the gateway as it bridges between handsets, which are often used by businesses such as the customer service sector, and other telephone users, like customers who might want to issue their concerns to the company. The gateway allows connection to the regular telephone network and other VoIP users. This kind of telephone network adapted by call centers and other organizations is commonly referred to as the pbx phone system, or the private branch exchange phone system, which is known to allow a single access number to cater multiple lines of outside callers.

If you have tech experts in your team, it might be a good option to consider running the system in-house. That way, you may be able to keep a close eye on what’s happening with the Singapore voip IP pbx system and be hands-on with regards to its management. However, most businesses in Singapore opt to have a cloud VoIP service since it is simpler and a much more cost-effective option.


Having a hosted pabx system means that you are tapping a third-party or outside help to manage your telephone system needs. An advantage of this in comparison to your regular phone service is the extra security it provides. It follows tight security measures and regulations to provide protection to the company.

Another notable factor is that in VoIP Singapore, voice scramblers aren’t merely under the military’s domain. Thanks to the encryption function in VoIP, companies can get privacy for their business communication matters as well as authentication in an event of call rerouting spams. It can then be likened to working with secure websites such as those of banks.

The security that a Voice over IP PBX telephone system offers is truly commendable, especially now that we live in a time that a lot of companies and businesses are prone to hacks and other forms of attack. Offering a business-class security to your company is now made possible through VoIP. This will ensure protection should any company personnel connect to the internet.

Other aspects

Your company’s power supply is important to be taken into account in dealing with various phone systems. Relying on cloud VoIP or adapting a pbx phone system will likely result to losing service in the event that you lose your building’s power, in comparison to using a traditional phone because it is typically powered by a Singapore phone company. In order to address cases like such, having a back-up phone at the ready is highly encouraged.

An IP PBX telephone system works best in handling voice calls. However, there were instances where the system faced issues with other uses outside of calls such as in fax machines, satellite TV receivers, among the few. It is then important to consult your VoIP provider first about any possible issues and concerns that may arise in adapting the system in order for you to be prepared and fully informed.

There is a chance you may or may not be able to keep your company’s current phone number if you commit to a hosted pabx as well, hence asking your intended provider beforehand to brief you about everything you need to know is urged. If you deem changing the company’s phone numbers as a disadvantageous move, ask if the situation can be compromised in one way or another.

VoIP Singapore can be a great move for your company since it can provide lesser operating costs, great security, high quality calls, and user-friendly features — but there are times a hosted VoIP system in Singapore may get a little too overwhelming because of the many tech and telephone jargons you need to be familiar of. In order to determine if switching to a VoIP system is a right move for your business, take into account your company’s needs as well as your own competence in keeping up with a lot of acronyms and devices first.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Investing in the Biggest Entertainment Wave in Vung Tau

New laws have recently opened up property in Vietnam to expats, and it’s no surprise that foreigners with either resident or tourist visas can now dabble in property investment with a fifty-year lease hold, and can even extend that hold.
This makes opportunities for a prime piece of real estate, such as a Vung Tau condo in Kahuna Ho Tram, up for grabs, and prices are ever changing at auctions. So how do you start investing? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started on its ins and outs.

1. Check your finances.

List your assets and liabilities mean taking into account all your incomes as well as working out your expenses.
Once you know this, you will have a much clearer picture in how much you’re capable and/or willing to put in holiday resort investment.
When considering how much you can invest, you don’t have to worry too much as long as your income is stable and your employment history is solid.

Aside from checking, it’s important that you stay up-to-date, especially now that you can invest in condo units in Kahuna Ho Tram Strip and Kahuna Ho Tram Resort. Read business news and stay on the loop of the latest updates in the world of property investment and finance.

2. Get pre-approval.

Applying for a loan is usually how most purchases for real estate usually go through, as many upstart investors usually don’t have too much cash on hand to win the Kahuna Ho Tram auction.

Getting a pre-approval through your lender or your trusted mortgage broker can benefit you greatly if you’re not sure of your readiness to invest. One is enough – multiple pre-approvals will mean red flags to lenders who might refuse your application.

3. Set a goal.

What do you want to achieve? In order for you to achieve your goals, you must first know what they are as well as set a deadline for when you want to achieve these.

Preferably, you want to aim for an investment that will give you a good return in ten years or less. A Vung Tau condo, a beach villa for sale, or a villa beside golf course – these are all good investment choices in Vietnam, and these choices are all yours for the picking with Kahuna Ho Tram. For more info about property investment at Kahuna Ho Tram, visit http://www.kahunahotramresort.com/ to find out more.

4. Start budgeting for your goal.

It’s the only way to balance your income and expenses. Even though it doesn’t look fun or interesting, it allows you to see how much you can invest.

There are many ways as well as software to help you do this, and you should set this up beforehand when accomplishing step 1.

5. Establish a purchase plan.

When you invest in Kahuna Ho Tram Resort, consider that the property can increase in value depending on changes in the market, and could be trickier than other types of investments. Because of this, it’s important that you know your attitude towards risk to help you create an effective strategy.

Your purchase plan should facilitate your goals to produce what you’re aiming for. There are different ways that real estate investors make money. These are:

    • Cash flow income – Cash flow income can be generated from buying property, such as well-run units (i.e., car washes, apartment buildings, and rental houses), and operating it to collect a steady stream of income.
    • Real Estate-related income – Real estate brokers generate this income through commissions from buying and selling property or running the daily operations of an existing property.
    • Ancillary Real Estate Investment income – This kind of income can be a huge source of profit, as this is essentially running smaller businesses within larger investments.

6. Focus and stay informed.

Staying up to date in the world of real estate, especially in Vietnam, is important so that you can know the changes you need to take into account for making informed decisions. There are many sources online that you can use to help you focus on landing that beach villa for sale.

5 Warning Signs of Home Electrical Problems You Should Never Ignore

Electrical glitches, such as a burning odor, flickering lights, frequent electrical sparks, and other related issues often indicate home electrical problems. Home electrical problems give off early warning signs before they turn into a serious problem – so it pays a lot to pay attention to them.

For you and your family’s safety, it’s advised to familiarize yourself with the early symptoms of an electrical problem. Know what the red flags are and take immediate action when you find them. Being vigilant may enable you to protect your home from full-blown disasters brought by glitches in electrical works.

Regular assessment and repairs by a good electrician is necessary to prevent dangerous situations. Keep in mind that even a small electrical problem that might seem unimportant may lead to electrocution or massive property damage later.

Some homeowners opt to troubleshoot electrical issues in their residences themselves. Common electrical problems are often easy to remedy, especially if one has some background in basic electrician services. Even if you’re confident you know your way with wires, always follow safety protocols and practice caution.

However, knowledge over the basics can only do so much. Some technical problems need a proper diagnosis from a licensed electrician, as they are the only one with the expertise to properly handle electrical problems. Keep in mind that an electrician is well-trained on his/her area of expertise. Booking the help of an electrical services Singapore can help you fix your electrical issues.

If you notice or experience the following electrical problems, contact your local electrician services company to fix the issue before it does further damage to your person or property.

1. Electrical shocks

Electrical shocks generally come as an unpleasant surprise after plugging a wire in a socket or touching appliances. If you feel a mild shock or tingle every time you do so, the appliance may have a ground fault or improper electrical wiring. This is a dangerous electrical condition that can cause further damage if left unattended.

It’s encouraged to take every type of electrical shock seriously. Avoid touching electrical appliances such as plugged-in extension cords or electric blow dryers when your hand is wet. Dry your hands first to prevent any shock that may ensue.

If the shocks continue to happen frequently, it’s best to consider booking the assistance of a nearby electrician in Singapore. You wouldn’t want to risk the situation growing worse.

2. Circuit breaker problems

An electrical circuit can become overloaded; when this happens, the circuit breaker is designed to prevent the wires from overheating and possibly starting a fire after it shuts off the main electrical supply. However, even this safety measure can pose a problem when they become old.

Frequent circuit breaker tripping can suggest simple overloads. One way to test this is to plug the appliance in a different circuit. If the breaker trips occasionally, it’s in your best interests to seek the help of an electrician. Working your way inside an electrical panel requires expertise and skill – and it’s considerably unwise to risk ‘doing it yourself’ if you don’t have a solid background in electrician services.

Keep in mind that power may still enter the panel despite shutting off the main breaker. One simple mistake can cause overheating or fire, as this type of work isn’t meant for experimenting. Thus, it’s better to leave the job to an experienced professional.

3. Flickering lights

A staple of horror movies, flickering lights indicate a loose or defective light bulb. Although this can be averted by simply replacing the bulb, in some cases, the problem may still continue even after replacement. One fault might be because of the light fixture but this is not always the case. To address the problem, consult a skilled electrician nearby in Singapore.

Another common reason is a loose fixture connections or loose electrical wiring in the circuit breaker box. Either way, it’s ideal to book professional diagnosis to ensure a complete electrical repair.

4. Burning odor, sparks

Once you notice a burning odor emanating from any switch or outlets, turn off the electrical panel’s power immediately. It is also encouraged to contact an electrician for appropriate and necessary repairs as soon as the odor is noticed. The issue might be because of a faulty device or a wiring/overload problem which is highly urged to be resolved ASAP. It is also considerably a serious issue because it may indicate the beginning of an electrical fire.

Also, beware of large and frequent sparks every time you plug in a device. While occasional sparks are not unusual, its frequent occurrence may indicate a problem with the circuit or the outlet. If it is accompanied with a popping sound, it may be because a wire is loose.

5. Defective electrical outlets

Defective electrical outlets, along with light switches that only work intermittently, are also early signs of a home electrical problem. Common faults may be due to loosened wiring or internally cracked device. A loose plug in a receptacle can pose a serious problem to the residents of your house. The plug may partially fall out, and any unsuspecting person can end up accidentally receiving a nasty shock after unplugging the chord.

Have a skilled electrician inspect and assess your wiring at home to determine if there are any necessary repairs to be done as soon as possible.

Diagnosing these electrical problems may be tricky, so it’s better to seek assistance from an experienced professional. There are risks involved in wirings and electrical works. It’s always better to follow safety procedures and consult a nearby electrician to address the problems in your household.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

Congenital Heart Diseases in Children

A few children have defects in the heart’s structure present at birth. The most common heart diseases are found in the valves, arteries and veins, and the interior walls of the child’s heart.

As a result of a defect, there is abnormal flow from or to the heart. Some congenital heart defects can be treated, but others require special attention because they can be life-threatening. In some cases, even the best cardiologist in Singapore can only diagnose the illness after the child has been delivered.

Types of Congenital Heart Diseases

Some types of congenital heart diseases need surgical treatment from a heart surgeon while others are simple and show no symptoms. Below are the 11 types of congenital heart diseases.

Aortic Valve Stenosis

Aortic valve stenosis is commonly the result of bicuspid aortic valve defect, but is sometimes present in aging people when the valves are damaged. This condition is marked by the narrowing of the opening in the aortic valve, restricting the flow from the child’s left ventricle to the aorta. The narrow opening can also affect the pressure in the left atrium of the heart.

Coarctation of the Aorta

Also called aortic coarctation, it is the narrowing of the aorta responsible for carrying the fresh blood to other parts of the body. The narrow opening causes the heart to exert more effort in order to deliver the right amount of nutrients and oxygen to the rest of the child’s body. The heart screening doctor in Singapore might not detect the illness early because it sometimes doesn’t show symptoms until adulthood so it’s important to take the child to a cardiologist in Singapore if you suspect something.

Ebstein’s Anomaly

Ebstein’s or Ebstein anomaly manifests as an apical displacement of the septal and posterior tricuspid valve leaflets. Children with this illness experience fatigue, palpitations and even cardiac death and heart failure. It’s important to take the child to the nearest heart doctor that you trust to look at treatment options such as surgical treatment, transplantation, and medications.

Patent Ductus Arteriosus

This illness results in the failure of the fetal ductus to properly close. In some cases in Singapore, the illness isn’t detected until the person becomes an adult because some symptoms are mild. Patent ductus arteriosus is characterized by the constant communication of the pulmonary artery and the descending thoracic aorta. The blood flow comes from the descending aorta then goes from left to right until blood reaches the pulmonary artery. Others will need a heart surgeon to correct the defect.

Pulmonary Valve Stenosis

This is a type of disorder that affects the pulmonary valve which separates the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery. The result is that there is not enough blood that flows through the lungs because the opening is too narrow. Your cardiologist in Singapore point to genes as a factor in the development of this abnormality, so it’s important to have the child checked if the family has a history of heart problems.

Septal Defects

Septal defects, or more specifically ventricular septal defect, is the term for a hole in the wall that separates the lower chambers of the heart. It’s quite common among children and manifests in connection with another heart disease. The result is that the blood travels from the left ventricle to the right ventricle and will exit into the lung arteries. Both the hear and lungs have to work harder as a result.

Single Ventricle Defects

Children born with a lower heart chamber that is either underdeveloped or small or doesn’t have a valve are diagnosed with single ventricle defect. There are 3 types of this defect which can be determined using heart screening. Pulmonary atresia or intact ventricular septum means that the pulmonary valve isn’t present and the blood is therefore diverted to the lungs. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome is the underdevelopment of the child’s left side of the heart because the artery holes and septum are not normal. The opening of the left ventricle and aorta might also be small. Tricuspid atresia on the other hand means that the child has no tricuspid valve. The result is that no blood can flow from his or her body to the heart.

Tetralogy of Fallot

This is a type of illness that is a combination of four defects such as pulmonary stenosis, ventricular septal defect, right ventricular hypertrophy, and overriding aorta. Others also have atrial septal defect as an additional symptom. Infants with cyanosis or loud murmurs in the heart are examined especially when the baby was born with a patent ductus arteriosus. Symptoms of tetralogy of fallot include irritability, sleepiness and unresponsiveness. The cardiologist will determine if the child’s oxygen level is normal through heart screening tests before prescribing a treatment.

Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection

Called TAPVC, it manifests as an abnormality in the blood flow from the pulmonary veins to the systemic veins and/or right atrium. Sometimes there is a pulmonary venous obstruction. The result is that the systemic and pulmonary venous blood get mixed in the child’s right atrium. It sometimes causes an increase in the pulmonary blood flow while the left ventricle and left atrium receive less blood. It could trigger a pulmonary artery hypertension.

Transposition of the Great Arteries

This illness usually manifests when the fetus is still 8 weeks old. During the development, there is abnormality in the formation of the large blood vessels that are supposed to carry blood from the heart to the lungs and the rest of the body. The result is that the aorta is connected to the right ventricle while the left ventricle is connected to the pulmonary artery. The child therefore has a different heart anatomy than other normal kids.

Truncus Arteriosus

This very rare condition is caused by a single arterial trunk which comes from the ventricles formed by a single semilunar valve. This happens when there is incomplete septation of the embryo’s truncus arteriosus. This is a severe condition with a high mortality rate in infants that haven’t even reached the age of one year.

The Basics of Curtain Cleaning Methods

From steam cleaning to machine wash, cleaning your curtains can be a rather complex process to deal with. You have to put in effort and time which may make it a rigorous process in the long run. There are also lots of washing methods and products you have to deliberate upon and choose from. Regardless, you’ll be surprised to know that curtain cleaning can be rather easy once you only know how to approach the matter.

Curtains are typically made out of delicate material. They’re quick to absorb different smells from around the house, such as cigarette smoke and cooking aroma. This leaves them reek of unpleasant odor. Sometimes it may even be the cause for curtain discoloration. Some of these stains are notably visible especially on light-colored curtains.

However, the process of giving your curtains a wash doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. You can opt to do the washing yourself if you have a washing machine at home, but you can always seek the assistance of commercial curtain cleaning services if you do not have time to personally attend to the matter. There are various cleaning shops scattered across Singapore which can help you solve your curtain dilemma.

Key Steps

    • Regular maintenance: You need to follow a regular cleaning schedule when it comes to washing your curtains. If you’re having it cleaned commercially, you can always have it done through curtain dry cleaning – which is one of the most famous options. But if you want to do it yourself, consider vacuuming your curtains every now and then when you have the chance. Make use of a soft brush to remove dust and dirt build-up on your curtains.

    • Delicate curtains: Curtains which are made of delicate material should be hand-washed, since it reduces the risk of shrinking. Your delicate curtains that need specialized curtain cleaning from Singapore may shrink once you put it in the washing machine, which in turn, may destroy its quality.

    • Lightweight curtains: If your curtains are made of lightweight material, you can have it cleaned using your washing machine at home. Handwashing it may also be a suitable curtain cleaning option if you want to thoroughly make sure it’s free of any stain or dirt.

    • Heavy fabric curtains: Curtains which are made of heavy fabric, on the other hand, are ideally to be steam cleaned. This helps you avoid dealing with a lengthy drying process. It may take a couple of days for heavy fabrics to completely dry up, after all.

Machine Wash

You may be able to clean your curtains through the use of a washing machine, but it all depends on the material of your curtains. Machine washing is generally considered to be a simple washing option. It is advised to use the delicate cycle option (if your machine has one), or if not, a cool wash with a slow spin is also a great alternative.

It’s generally fine to make use of your normal laundry detergent. However, if your curtain is made of delicate material, you may be better off using special products for washing. You can avail a number of different fabric-delicate detergents sold in Singapore. It is important to do your research first before putting your curtains inside the machine.

If you are particularly worried over the material, especially with the event of its shrinking, you can always hand wash your curtains instead. Don’t risk putting the curtains inside the machine if you’re not confident the material won’t shrink!

Hand Washing

Generally, handwashing is considered to be the safest option when it comes to cleaning your curtains. Curtain dry cleaning and all the other commercial options can only do so much. In hand washing the material, you can make use of your laundry detergent or a simple hand wash soap. Soaps, which are of the gentle variant, are ideal to use if you want to avoid damaging the material as much as possible.

You can follow the instructions of your product when it comes to the hand washing process. Note that different products may require different concentrations, though. It may be a much more rigorous chore compared to simply putting it inside the washing machine, but hand washing effectively reduces the likely risk of shrinking.

As a matter of fact, it is a perfect option for washing delicate materials such as drapes made out of 100 percent cotton.

Steam Cleaning

Branded as one of the most convenient washing choices, steam cleaning your curtains can be a great idea. This method is also among the most popular options in various commercial curtain cleaning services. Use a good steam cleaner that has an upholstery attachment to make your job a whole lot easier. Start from the top and work your way down the material.

If the curtain becomes wet in the middle of the cleaning process, hold the steamer far away from the material for a while. Always remember to be cautious when using a steam cleaner. Allot ample time to read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start the cleaning process, and make sure to wear protective clothing. Steam can burn you – and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There’s no reason to grow intimidated over the complexities of curtain washing. Sure, there are a few options and special products for you to consider, but if you know the material type of your curtains then your task is made a whole lot easier. Research the appropriate washing methods for your curtains before you attempt on giving them a wash.

However, it is still always advisable to head over to the nearest commercial cleaning shop in Singapore if you want to make sure your curtains will be safe. Not only do you want them clean and smelling fresh, but you’d also want them to remain in their good condition.

How Often Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

Even with regular bathing and brushing, your dog will still need attention from a professional groomer in Singapore to make sure that you have not overlooked anything. Most owners after all still miss parasites, matted hair, nail care, and ear and oral care during the pet grooming sessions at home.


How often do you need to take your dog to a groomer? There are different factors to consider when determining how often it needs to have pet grooming services in Singapore, such as; dog breed, age, overall health, and other grooming issues.


  • Dog Breed

A dog’s breed often determines the type and length of coat. But pet grooming is not only limited to the small breeds that need fancy haircuts, because all dogs need to be routinely groomed several times a year. However, attempting to clean or cut matted fur by yourself often leads to disasters and cause more damage to your pet’s coat.


Generally, short-haired dogs need minimal grooming such as bathing and brushing annually, but short-haired double-coated dogs should be groomed four times annually. Double-coated long-haired dogs need pet grooming more often to prevent matting, but a pet with a thick undercoat should be groomed at least once every three months. Breeds with silky coats and wiry coats both need trimming every two or three months, while you need to groom a pet with curly and wavy coats every four to six weeks.


  • Dog’s Age

Dogs should be introduced to pet grooming in Singapore while they’re still young to learn that the process isn’t scary at all. However, you should also take into factor the level of activity of your dog and how often it is exposed to dirt and other elements.


Dogs who spend most of their time in the apartment will not need grooming as often as dogs who are active outdoors. That’s because bathing too often can also cause fungal or bacterial infections, skin irritation, and damages to the hair follicles. Grooming isn’t simply just applying shampoo and rinsing, after all.


  • Overall Health

If your dog has skin diseases or other pre-existing medical condition, you need to ask your veterinarian how often it needs pet grooming. If bathing is also part of a treatment, always follow the instructions to the letter.


You should also read the labels of the products used on your pet and give instructions to the groomer about your pet’s special needs, if any. A certified groomer in Singapore is your safest option, because they are trained to deal with most canine issues and they know how to deal with anxious or scared dogs.


  • Grooming Issues

To groom pet, most dog groomers only offer bathing, shaving, and trimming services and tend to overlook other grooming needs. Look for a groomer in Singapore that will also include nail care, ear care, oral care, whisker care, and anal gland care for a complete pet grooming package.


Proper nail trimming will reduce instances of joint problems and chipped nails, while oral and ear care will prevent gum diseases and ear infection, respectively. Whisker care on the other hand, is important among breeds with thick, matted fur. Lastly, grooming a pet’s anal glands will help prevent blockage in the secretion of scents, because the groomer will be able to tell you if your pet has a problem.

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