Education-A-Must Inc. is a nonprofit corporation providing advocate services for the child or youth with physical, emotional, behavioral, or learning disabilities. Our goal is to assist parents and caregivers in finding help for the child with special needs. EAM works with local, state and federal agencies to secure the necessary services and education for all who qualify.

Please be advised that at this time, Education-A-Must is no longer accepting new clients. If you feel advocacy services are needed, please feel free to call someone listed on our Advocate Resource Page or through Wrightslaw or COPAA.

New in the Blogs

Spend the Summer getting your child’s file in order

It is summer and it is so tempting to sit back and relax.  But it is very important that you use this time to make sure you child’s special education file is in order.  Take this time to file all of the meeting minutes, progress reports, evaluations, and any other important documents into the three […]


Beat the IEP Uptights by Being Prepared

You’re probably saying to yourself that you have prepared for the IEP meeting. You have done your three-ring binder with all of the education records carefully placed into the right category.



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